So What did I do with my Lidl Shop?

So once again i’ve been to Lidl to do my weekly shop.   My mistake this week was I waited until it was only an hour from closing on a Sunday!  The shelves were very empty and I struggled to get what I wanted.  Not to worry I still managed to get enough food for the week with extra to freeze.

This weeks shopping cost me £44.70 however I put a lot of it into the freezer ready for next week.  In particular I bought a 21 day aged joint of beef or £6.96.  I cut the joint in half and froze one half for next Sunday.  If you compare what you would pay for a Sunday lunch in a pub or restaurant, this is a really affordable meal!

I know it seems I have less than last week, but I have a lot of products here that compliment what I bought last week and some will go forward to next week.

When looking at your food budget you need to budget over a few weeks to get a good average weekly shop.

This blog will look at what I’ve now done with these and some of my store cupboards products to help inspire you in the kitchen.

As I said before, I work full time and have 2 dogs who need  lot of walks so time is a premium for me. I therefore look for meals that don’t take too long to prepare.


Weekends mean a late start so I often only have a brunch and a roast dinner.

Usually I would do a cooked breakfast.  I did do this for my husband but I myself fancied something lighter.  I therefore made myself 40 g of Grape Nuts, chopped banana, quark and topped with a teaspoon of Sweet Freedom Coconut chocolate at 1/2 syn.  This was so filling and delicious.

breakfast today.JPG

We have a regular roast dinner every Sunday.  My husband isn’t on Slimming World so whilst we both have a roast I do his in oil, mine in fry light.  Can you tell the difference?

The correct answer is the green plate is mine – Slimming World friendly,  the other is cooked normally for my husband.  I think you agree that there isn’t much of a difference visually and certainly not by taste.

How did I create it?

 I have an amazing roasting tin which doesn’t require any fat adding so the meat is cooked in its own juice.  Roast potatoes were part boiled then roasted in frylight.  The same goes for the carrots.  Broccoli is boiled.  As for the Yorkshire Pudding, its an Aunt Bessie mix .  My husbands was cooked in hot fat, whereas mine was frylight.  I can’t taste or see the difference.  It just goes to show you can still enjoy your favourite meals without all the calories.


I wake up just after 5 am to take my dogs out for a walk.  I come home, shower and have a nice cup of Green Tea before I leave at 7 am to catch my train.  I don’t feel like eating breakfast at this time so always make something to eat when I get to work – around 8.30 am.  My favourite is overnight oats.

I put into a pot 40g of oats, 3 large tablespoons of Quark topped with frozen fruit, usually berries.  I leave this in the fridge overnight.  To save time I make a few days up at a time.  It keeps very well in the fridge.

overnight oat.JPG


When I’m in the office I like to vary what I have. At the moment I am really enjoying my omelettes.   I tend to go to the gym every lunchtime so only have around 10 minutes to actually eat lunch.

My quick and easy lunch is to pre-cook my omelette in a microwavable mug at home, top with baked beans and cheese (Healthy Extra A).  I then warm it for a couple of minutes it the microwave when I’m back from the gym.  Quick and easy and very filling.

Again I try and make lunch for a couple of days at the same time.


The next 2 days I have an omelette made from 3 eggs, ham, tomatoes, and kale.  I cook them in 2 mugs in  microwave for 4 minutes.  When cool I add a third of a tin of baked beans to each and top with 30g of cheese.

I put them into the fridge until i’m ready to pack my lunch box for work.

As I have said before planning is the key to helping you keep on plan.  You can make tasty meals without too much effort.

I have already put a chicken into the slow cooker with chopped lemons ready to turn on in the morning for tomorrows dinner.

Tune in again tomorrow to see what I do next!

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