Walk around Wallowbarrow Gorge – Lake District

Can you believe it!  Both of us forgot to turn our alarms off for work!  So we can’t blame the dogs for the early wake up call today!

The dogs are still quiet!  Well there were until the dog next door started barking! It is 6 am so they have done very well!  I get up and take them both out for a quick walk.  I’m in my PJ’s again but its dry.  In fact, it is a really lovely morning.  Thankfully both dogs don’t take long to do their business so I’m back in bed quite quickly!

The both of them go back to bed until the neighbours dog starts barking again!  I come down and tell them both off!  To my joy they both go quiet and back to bed!  This is such an improvement on the previous day! I think they are getting used to their home for the week!

Hubby and I decide that we may as well get up and have tea and watch the news anyway.

As with yesterday, we try and plan out the day ahead.  According to the news the weather will be dry until early afternoon then rain!

Yesterday we had quite a drive.  Although in miles it wasn’t bad, the steep roads with drops were a bit of a strain on the nerves.  Hubby thinks today we should stay closer to home today.  There is a lovely walk from here in Dunnerdale, to Seathwaite Tarn, past the reservoir dam.  Here we retraced our steps heading down hill across a boggy field.  You cross some stiles towards Fickle Steps.  Here there are huge boulders that allow you to cross the River Duddon.  It says in our walking book that if its underwater we should return to the road!  There is a wire cable across the river to help you but it is very much under water!  My stepdaughter wants to cross it, so hubby agrees.   I’m miss clumsy so not jumping for joy as worried about the dogs and me!  One of us has to fall it!  It wouldn’t be me if that didn’t happen!


My stepdaughter goes first followed by hubby and Fido!  I’m under strict instructions to stay put until my hubby returns.  The plan was to take Fido across first, then he would come back for me and Lola!  The current is fierce!  Fido is not a happy dog.  He doesn’t like going further than his tummy normally.  He steps onto the first boulder but doesn’t want to go any further. He is quite cute actually the way he is testing the water and decided ‘no way’!  My hubby tries to encourage him across, but he isn’t going for it.  He tries then misses the boulder and ends up in the river.  The current takes him, and he tries to swim.  Bless him, this is his first-time swimming and he has no chance against this current!  I’m absolutely beside myself.  I’m about to tie Lola to a tree to jump in and rescue him as hubby pulls him.  But then my worst fear happens, his harness comes off and he is now loose in the current.  I love my hubby right now.  He manages to balance himself and grab him by the collar, picking him up into his arms.  Unfortunately, the dogs lead has got wrapped around his legs so my stepdaughter comes back to help him.  Lola is beside herself too!  Thankfully Fido being an alpha man is absolutely fine with it all!

I decide that rather than try and cross the boulders Lola and I should go across just in front of them in the water!  I get in and realise its deeper than I thought.  Just about thigh level and the current is fast it takes you off balance.   Lola isn’t enjoying it either!  Hubby comes to the rescue again picking her up and carrying her across.  Thankfully we are all across, very wet but safe!  It certainly was an adventure.  Can you believe it that none of us thought to get a photo to show you until the end of the walk!

The next part of our walk is through Grassguards Gill, then climbing along to Wallowborrow Gorge.

On one path we meet up with a bull!  We wisely decide to do a detour!  Bulls on their own are never good to come face to face with, but with 2 dogs, that would be a seriously bad idea!  We just have to look the an alternative route and go with our instinct to get back on track.  As my hubby and I always seem to get lost on long walks, I have every faith in him that he will get us on the right track, which he does.

We then head along a very difficult patch across boulders back down along banks of River Duddon. The boulders are very slippery in places, and it seems to go on forever!  I really didn’t enjoy this part of the walk.  I spent the time looking at my feet rather than the beautiful surroundings!


We finally come out at a field and we can see the church parking we are heading back too!  Yey!

When we started the walk, hubby said it was around 6 kms!  I have an app on my phone which I had set before we left.  We arrive at the car and check it!  It’s actually almost 14km’s in total!  Wow what a day!

The weather today has been far better than we expected.  We had rain initially, but the sun then came out which gave us some lovely views over the mountains.  The odd light shower was quite refreshing when it did happen, but it was so light, it didn’t actually wet us!


A lot of the paths we took were under water.  With the amount of rain we have had, there were a lot of waterfalls coming off the mountains.  It has transformed the landscape into something beautiful.  After walking through a river, I no longer cared about getting wet!  The dogs thought they were in heaven!  They had a licence to get as wet and muddy as they liked!


Time to have our picnic before we head home for bath and showers!  We are all tired, no-one more than Fido and Lola!

When we arrive back at our cottage our neighbours have obviously left their dogs behind.  I’m very surprised as it says strictly that dogs shouldn’t be left in the cottage.  I saw them arrive with a crate so obviously that is why they felt they could leave them.

We arrived home around 3.30 pm!  It is now 7.30 pm and the dogs haven’t stopped barking at all!  They must be so stressed.  I so want to go around and let them out.  It breaks my heart.  How can people leave dogs in so much distress?  Such a sad end to a really good day.

Tonight, is going to be another night of Monopoly!  I get killed off after a good fight!   I really thought hubby was going to be first out!  Mind you, he got houses on the reds while my stepdaughter had the prime estates – Pal Mal and Mayfair!  The only hotels I got were on Whitehall Road and Old Kent Road!  Eek!    Hubby and Stepdaughter do a great challenge with each other.  It could be anyone’s game!

In the meantime, both Fido and Lola are absolutely dead to the world!   I am hoping that means a quiet night with them both!

After a really good fight, hubby wins!  You have to love Monopoly!

Time for bed ready for Day 3!

Check out more photos on my YouTube channel.