Why are short weeks so long?

A friend reminded me of this today and she is spot on!

Today is the last working day of our week! Monday was a bank holiday, so why has it taken so long to get to Friday?

It’s one of the mysteries of life? Surely 4 days is less than 5! So on that basis tomorrow should have arrived sooner!

I have some theories! Is it because we are so relaxed from our long weekend that it takes us longer to get back into work? Is it the extra sleep we had that our bodies want more? Or is it just that we enjoy being off more than we enjoy being at work ?

I wonder if people on shifts get the same feeling ?

Whatever the reason, I am so so glad it is Friday!

This said, I do love it when you have a bank holiday! Obviously it means I get more time off, but for me there is another reason!

Bank holidays mean that people are more likely to tag leave onto the break! That then means one important thing – I get a seat on the train to work! Woo hoo!

It might be a small thing, but believe me, it means a lot! No standing squashed up to the person next to you! No listening in to other people’s conversations, being able to write my blog etc etc.

With Easter being late this year it falls only a week before May Day. Then it’s not long until Whitsun! Ooh how exciting! There is hope that for a few days over the next month I will be able to have a relaxing trip to work!

I’ve probably jinxed it now. There will be cancelled trains etc and I’ll be back to standing. Ah well, it’s like the lottery. You have to have a dream and live in hope!

Sometimes it’s the small pleasures in life that make the biggest difference!

Have a good weekend x


What a fab weekend

I can’t believe it’s back to work again so soon. This weekend has been amazing. There are 3 reasons why it was so special:

1) A 4 day weekend

2) The sun was out

3) It was hubbys birthday

The 3 combined meant we had a fun filled weekend.

As you know, we both have a very early start during the week. To be able to wake up when we wanted to, relax in bed with a couple of cups of tea, and getting up when we wanted was magical. The dogs loved it too. Especially Lola who isn’t a morning girl.

Friday we decided to go into Birmingham for the day. A bit odd you may think for people who travel there everyday for work! Whilst we work there, we never really go into the centre.

With the worlds biggest Primark, hubby was intrigued as to what it was like. I needed to get him a birthday present from my parents do this seemed like to perfect excuse to go.

I have to say, shopping for men’s clothes is a nightmare. He wanted a lightweights jacket. Do you think we could find one? It was so hard! It seems that men only get a limited amount of space in stores! Very frustrating!

As hubby isn’t a shopper, we agreed we would get his things together, then he would go off and do some photography around the city while I shopped for me!

Check out what we bought here !

After a few hours we met up and had lunch on the canal at Marco Pierre White Restaurant- Bardolinos! It was so lovely to chill out and enjoy a nice late lunch together!

Saturday was even more chilled which just a hair cut for me before heading out to Hubbys favourite Thai restaurant for Dinner.

Sunday was his actual birthday so after another lazy start, we went off for a nice long walk around Charlecote. With the warmth of the sun, it was a perfect day out!

In the evening we celebrated with friends at their house.

The last day of the weekend was equally as chilled! We visited a museum at our local airfield which was a training airfield for British, Canadian, American and Belgium RAF. Reading stories of bravery and lives lost, it was very humbling. A spot of brunch at the cafe followed by a bit of gardening and a braai, it certainly had been a magical weekend!

Now I’m back on the train and it will soon be a distant memory, but at least they will be good memories!

Have a great week.

Easter is coming……aaahhh all that chocolate and temptation!

How many of you have a passion for anything chocolate?  Probably quite a few of you I would say.  So Easter is going to be a particular challenge for you.

We all associate Easter with chocolate but there are also other temptations in our way around that time too:-

  • 4 day weekend
  • Easter Eggs
  • Lamb dinners
  • Hot Cross Buns
  • Easter Egg hunts with the kids
  • Weekend activities
  • Family get together’s
  • Work goodies

So basically you are doomed right?  Not necessarily.  The key is to plan ahead!

4 Day Weekend

We all know that the weekend can be our biggest weakness and now we have just doubled it!  Make a plan for each day.  Consider what things could get in the way?  Are you taking the kids out?  If so, rather than take away burger and chips, could you take a picnic, have a larger healthier breakfast before you go,  or pack your own little bag full of fruit and healthy snacks.

If this includes activities that mean you will be surrounded by lots of sugar like an Easter egg hunt, take something sweet with you that is lower in syns like a hifi bar, fruit or check your Slimming World App to see what syns are in it before popping in your mouth!  It may be that you can still have it, you just need to plan it in.

A lot of us use the long weekend to catch up with family which will involve either a sit down meal or buffet!  Don’t be afraid to speak to the person preparing the meal to ask for Slimming World friendly options.  Offer to bring some things along or offer to help.  I know when I do a roast for the family, whilst my husband and father want the good old fashion traditional roasted potatoes, my mum would prefer my SW friendly ones!  You will be surprised that suddenly others around the table will head for your healthier options!

If you are eating out, check the menu on-line.  If you can’t see anything call them.  Most restaurants will be happy to come up with alternatives for you.  If you order in advance, its also easier than having to try and explain what you want on the day with all the other guests trying to get their orders in.

Devil Food

So you have managed to find your way around what to do at the weekend for food, but there is still this problem with the amount of Easter Eggs, hot cross buns and sugary goodies that will be in your face for the days before, during and after Easter!  How do you cope?  Simple – you take control!

Slimming World is not a diet! Its a healthy way of life!  Nothing is out of bounds,  you just have to plan, measure and enjoy!

Easter Eggs

First question.  How many syns are in your Easter eggs?  Don’t know?  Well that will be your first mistake!  You will be surprised how much is in the smallest of eggs.  Here is an example:-

How many of you were shocked when they saw the total syns?  Can you see why its so important to know the value before you even go anywhere near them!   It doesn’t mean you can’t have them though.  You just need to plan.  Get yourself some little food bags and a set of scales.  For instance the shell is 54 syns for 200 g so if you weighed out 50 g into 4 bags you would have 13.5 syns worth of treats.  You can have up to 15 syns a day, so as long as you don’t sneak another extra piece in, you will still be within your daily syn allowance.  It sounds a bit of a pain doing this, but you will be so pleased you did the next time you step on those scales.

If family and friends want to buy you something for Easter, ask for something else other than an egg?  Maybe fruit or flowers?  If you want something sweet,think about your current treats.  Would they be a better option, such as bags of mini sized chocolate or wine gums?  Even the hifi bars.

Here are some ideas:

Cadbury Creme Egg – 40 g 9 Syns
Cadbury Mini Creme Egg (89g bag each) – 2.5 Syns
Cadbury Curly Wurly (14g treat) – 3 Syns
Cadbury Curly Wurly (26g  bar) – 6 Syns
Cadbury Dairy Milk Bar (15g treat) – 4 Syns
Cadbury Dairy Milk Bar (6g miniature heroes) – 1.5 Syns
Cadbury Dairy Mini Eggs (25g bag) – 6.5 Syns
Cadbury Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut (49g bar) – 12.5 Syns
Cadbury Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut 120g bar (each chunk) – 1.5 Syns
Cadbury Dairy Chocolate Buttons (14.4g) – 4 Syns
Cadbury Dairy Chocolate Buttons (30g) – 8 Syns
Cadbury Egg n Spoon, 4 pack (34g each) – 9.5 Syns
Cadbury Flake (14g treat) – 4 Syns
Cadbury Flake (20g multipack) – 5.5 Syns
Freddo (18g bar) – 5 Syns
Fudge (13.5g treat) – 3 Syns
Fudge (25.5g bar) – 5.5 Syns
Cadbury Milk Chocolate Fingers (each) – 1.5 Syns
Cadbury Milk Tray Assortment (each) – 2.5 Syns
Cadbury Mini Eggs (25g) – 6 Syns
Cadbury Mini Eggs (each) – 1 Syns
Cadbury Roses Assortment, (each)-  2.5 – 3 syns
Mars Celebrations – All varieties, (each) – 2 syns
Time Out Wafer (21.2g bar) – 5.5 Syns
Twirl (14g treat) – 3.5 Syns
Twirl (21.5g finger) – 6 Syns
Twirl Bites (25g) – 6.5 Syns
Wispa Bar (25.5g bar) – 7 Syns
Haribo Starmix (each) 0.5 Syns
Haribo Starmix (16g bag) – 25 Syns
Haribo Sweets – all varieties except Pinballs & Jelly Beans  (25g bag) 4.5 syns

Hot Cross Buns

You can just taste them, warm oozing with melted butter on them right?  They are a massive temptation.  I am not really that bothered about chocolate by oh Hot Cross Buns!  Thankfully I don’t like butter either, but that doesn’t make me a saint.  Before starting Slimming World I didn’t really think about the calorie content and definitely not the syns.  Again they can still be on the menu, you just  have to know what you are having and plan them in!

Thankfully this year there are a huge variety of Hot Cross Buns in the supermarkets, in different sizes and flavours, which means you can choose how many syns you want to use on them.

Sainsburys pack of 6 – 70g – 10 syns
Tesco Mini pack of 8 – 32g – 4 syns
Marks & Spencer Mini Double Chocolate pack of 9 – 28g – 4.5 syns
Waitrose Mini Chocolate Orange pack of 9 – 32g – 5 syns

So if like me one is never enough, if you go for the mini options you can still have 2!

A word of caution.  If you do like butter or jam on yours, remember to add those syns too!

Jam – 1 level teaspoon – 0.5 syns
Jam – 1 level tablespoon – 2 syns
Butter – 1 level teaspoon – 2 syns
Butter – 1 level tablespoon – 5.5 syns

Please be careful too that you are having level spoonfuls, otherwise you will seriously be kidding yourself about how many syns you are actually having!

So don’t deprive yourself of a treat over Easter.  Just remember to plan and weigh!

Happy Easter.