Reliving a special day from my childhood

Today is going to be a real blast from the past!  It isn’t going to be the usual day you would expect someone to want to do to celebrate their 50th, but for me it is very special.

As I have said before, having a birthday which always fell during our families 2-week summer holiday, meant that most birthdays just blended into the holiday.  Don’t get me wrong, my parents made a fuss of me, but you know what it is like as a kid, once you hit the beach the day itself isn’t important.  That was until one very special birthday.

We had driven to Ilfracombe and my parents suggested we walk along the harbour. There moored up was a big boat!  Well as a kid anything larger than a dinghy is a big boat.  Dad thought we should go on board and have a look around!   Little did I know was that they had booked it as a surprise trip for me to visit Lundy Island.

Now, this is where the story of that day is told over and over and over again!  I have always been a bit of an independent madam!  It is no surprise then when offered help to board the ship I declined it, and the inevitable happened.  I fell in.  To make it worse, I refused help on the way back too and the same thing happened.  On the plus side, it has entertained my parents for many years.

When I was thinking about how I wanted to spend my birthday, that birthday surprise always came to the forefront of my memories.   I researched it and the boat still went, but not from Ilfracombe on my actual birthday. 

I really wanted to spend my birthday with my friends but wasn’t sure either if they would be interested in going to Lundy.  If you don’t know about it, it is a little island off the shores of Devon.  It is a nature reserve run by the National Trust.  Puffins use it for their breeding grounds and seals and dolphins can also be seen there. 

There are only 28 people living on the Island, with just a pub, church and shop in the way of facilities.  That said, there is something calming and magical about the place.  Well for me anyway.

I was a bit disappointed that I couldn’t go to the Island on my birthday.  I did see though that a boat left from Bideford the next day.  Unfortunately, it was due to leave at 8 am due to the tide.  Now, not being funny, but having to get up and be on a boat ready to leave by 8 am the morning after your 50th was not a realistic option!

After further explorations, I found a lovely man – Colin – from Lundy Charters who was based in Clovelly who could take us over to the Island on the Saturday at a more leisurely time of 9.30 am!   My amazing friends all agreed to come with me.

So, the morning came, and we all headed off to Clovelly.  We were told to park in the Anglers car park.  As we get there, we soon realise it is also the same day as a festival so there is absolutely no parking.  If you haven’t been to Clovelly, it is built on a very steep hill.  The road down to the harbour is a 25% hill!  The road is single track so there are wardens at the top, middle and bottom with radios ensuring that traffic is only flowing one way at any given time.

After a lot of worry about where to park, we were advised to park up in the main car park and get the land rover back down which was shuttling people that day.  Hubby suggested rather than all 8 of use going back up to come down again, why don’t the drivers just go up and us ladies stay at the bottom.  A very good idea. 

As I jump out of the car, I ask hubby if he would like me to take his rucksack with me, which he did.  I head off to take in the activity of the harbour while hubby takes the car back up the steep road to the main car park.

I’m stood chatting when it hits me!  I have the car keys!  My car is one that doesn’t need a key to start it, but it does need to be in the car when it is being driven.  In a blind panic I find the warden at the bottom.  I explain the situation to him.  I now have visions of my car broken down halfway up the hill, no-one being able to go up or down!  He kindly radios to his colleagues to see if there is a problem.  The land rover that went up after him has arrived at the top. Thankfully the car somehow made it without the keys! 

I’m now panicking as to how is the car going to be locked?  The warden kindly tells me to take the land rover back up, lock the car then come back with the land rover.  Roger the driver was so lovely.

The journey back down was with a group of pirates that were performing that day in Clovelly.  I hadn’t even boarded the boat and the day had already been memorable!

Finally, I can relax, and I meet up with Colin to board his boat.  As I get on, I can’t help but say the most ridiculous thing!  ‘Ooh it smells of fish’.   This brings roars of laughter from my friends.  Why?  Well it’s a fishing boat we are on!

The boat sets sail and we are taking longer than I remember the journey to the Island to be.  As we sail, I take in the views.  I do love the sea so much.  So many seabirds hunting for their dinner.  A seal passes us just long enough to see him, but not enough for a photo.  I am desperate to see dolphins but sadly that isn’t to be.

Gradually the island comes into view just as a puffin flies past.

We land on the island and I already feel nostalgic.  It is a long steep walk up to the main part of the island where the only public toilets are.  We have a stop to look at the shop.  We only have a few hours so prioritise what we want to do.  One of my friends hasn’t seen puffins up close before so we decided to head off to their nesting site.

After a short while, we find out that they have already left.  Gutted and being short of time we head back to the pub for a spot of lunch.

After lunch 6 of us head to the disused lighthouse to explore.  147 steps up give you a 360-degree views of the island.  It is very beautiful.

After heading back to meet the rest of the group it is almost time to head back to the boat.  We decide to pop onto the beach first and dip our toes in the sea.  Well it has been a long time since I got wet here so it would be rude not to.   At least this time it is just my feet!

As I look amongst the rocks, I find some amazing sea creatures. A poor crab is rescued by a friend. It really has been another great day.

We walk back up to the jetty where the boat will come and get us.  As I look down it dawns on me!  When we arrived, the boat was level with the jetty.  Now the tide was out it was about 10 feet lower!  How on earth were we going to get onto the boat!

Hubby points to a rusty ladder going down to the sea!  Is he serious?  Sadly, he is.  One of my friends is even more in a panic as she is wearing a dress!

As Colin arrives back with the boat, he confirms our fears.  We are going to have to climb down that ladder and land on a bobbing boat!  Then walk around the edge to get into the main part of the boat! Oh boy.

I am the last to go on.  My body is shaking.  I am willing myself to stay calm and not to let go of the ladder!  I slowly make my way down.  Colin is there to steady me.  I step off the ladder onto the boat.  It was scary but I made it, completely dry!  I was so happy!

All safely aboard we head back.  The sea is no longer calm.  As we hit the waves, we get soaked.  Thankfully it is a warm day.  I could move to somewhere less in the line of fire (or waves), but suddenly I am that child again.  I am having a great time. 

After 1.5 hours we arrive back in Clovelly.  My friends probably are not as enthusiastic about the day as me, but they don’t show it.  They really have proven they are great friends today.

We walk back through Clovelly itself to the car park just as the rain starts.

When back at our apartments it is a quick shower and change before heading down to the seafront for fish and chips. As we call for our friends in their apartment, I realise surprise number 2. Another fabulous birthday cake. This one has red shoes, a handbag and bottle of bubbly on it. So me! More bubbles flow. I really have been spoilt.

The sun is back out, so we sit on a bench eating our chips and taking in the surroundings before heading back to the apartment.

We return to our apartment for more drinks, some of that amazing birthday cake, and a game of Mr & Mrs.  If you have never played this, you should.  It is hilarious.  My hubby and I always lose, as hubby is useless at answering the questions, even after nearly 12 years together!

It is time to draw the day to a close!  It was everything I hoped for and more.

Tomorrow we head home.  I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday weekend.  I have my 6 friends and hubby to thank for that. 

See the day here on my Youtube Channel: –

If you ever get a chance to visit the island you should.


It is here! I’m finally 50!

The day has finally come!  I am now officially 50.  I’m oddly excited about today.  Yesterday was a great start to my celebrations.  The day was just as I had hoped with the glorious sunshine, sea views and great friends.

I’m up really early.  I’m like a little kid again. I can’t sleep with excitement.  It isn’t like I’m waiting for my presents as my hubby has already given me that.  It is just that I don’t want to waste a moment.

I look out of the patio windows from our bedroom and can see the sea.  It is lovely and calm.  Outside I can her the seagulls.  It is such a perfect day.

Hubby makes me a cup of tea and I sit on the balcony taking in the views.  It is really peaceful here.  I’m soon ushered into the shower!  Hubby and my friends are up to something!

As I walk back into the room, I notice they have now put up a ‘Happy Birthday’ banner along with a ‘50’ birthday balloon and decoration.  My friends hand me cards and presents.  A trip to Kew Gardens.  I have always wanted to go so I am so excited.

My friends kick me out the kitchen while they cook me breakfast.  I’m such a control freak when it comes to cooking so this is hard.  Mind you, my friend is too, so she certainly gives me a run for my money!  I don’t mind though as it is my birthday.  I am happy to be spoilt.  It isn’t every day you turn 50!

After a delicious cooked breakfast, we decide on the day’s agenda. It is another glorious day, so we don’t want to waste a moment of it.  We decide to go to Croyde Bay.  I used to stay there as a kid with my parents for our summer holiday.  We would camp in our big orange 3-bedroom tent.  I remember there was a children’s club on site which we used to go to.   I absolutely loved it there.  The camp site was just opposite the beach, so we almost rolled out of our tent onto the beach.  It never seemed to rain for the whole 2 weeks.

It has all changed now.  It looks all modern and probably a lot more expensive than 50 years ago.  We didn’t go in this time as we had parked on the opposite side of the beach.  The tide was out so there was a large expanse of sand to enjoy.

The rocks were full of muscles.  This is where I got my love for them from.  They are too small to eat now, but one day there will be a massive crop.  In Dubrovnik, I ate them every day.

Lifeguards now patrol the beach.  They look like they should be in Baywatch.  I don’t remember that in my childhood either.  The sea is now full of people body boarding.  In my day it was just dinghy’s.  We had one which mum and dad would take us out in every day.  Mum would pack a picnic of crusty bread with cheese or ham, and squash.  I don’t remember if there was cake or crisps, but I certainly remember the crusty bread!

We would sit amongst the sand dunes with our windbreaker.  They were hot and the sand so light.  I loved running up and down them.  Now at 50 I’m more of a gentle stroller!   Hubby and I had a lovely walk amongst the rocks and across the beach.  I was feeling so nostalgic, but very happy.

We had brought my stepdaughters body board with us.  I have to confess I had never done it before.  Oh well, there is a first time for everything.  While hubby watched the belongings, I joined my friends in the sea!  When you first get in, it takes your breath away, but as soon as you get fully wet it was actually nice and warm.  Mind you, maybe a strapless swimsuit was not the most appropriate swimwear to be wearing!

Ok, I am never going to win prizes for body boarding, but I had a great time.

After a few hours we headed back to the car.  In the carpark there was an icecream stall.  Well it would be rude not to, wouldn’t it? These were Judes icecreams.  I have never heard of them before, but they were amazing. I may keep my eye out for them again.

Our other friends were coming down that day to join us for my birthday celebrations.  We were not sure what time they would arrive but decided to head back towards the apartment.  If they were near, they could come and join us.

Yesterday when we were in Bideford, we found an old ship that was now a bar.  This seemed the perfect place to go and have a drink on my birthday.  The weather had been great all day, so we sat on the deck enjoying the views.

We hadn’t heard from our friends so headed back to the apartment anyway to shower and get ready for the evening.  Again, I was ushered into the shower.  They really are sneaky folks my hubby and friends!

As I came back into the room, I was greeted by a beautiful chocolate cake with candles, and the obligatory ‘happy birthday’ song!  They were really spoiling me.  The cake had been made by the lady who looks after my dogs for me and was absolutely amazing in looks and taste.

It was time for champagne!  Well it is my 50th you know!

My other friends are sadly held up on the M5.  It is going to be touch and go if they make it in time for dinner.  I keep everything crossed.

Thankfully I get a message to say they are not far away.  It’s going to be tight for them to get into their apartment, showered and changed, but they can just about do it.  As they arrive, I greet them with cold beers and bubbles. It’s the least I can do.  In return they hand me champagne – well what else – and a present!   A voucher for me to choose an experience.  I haven’t had time to look at it yet, but I can’t wait to see what delights await me.

We all head off to the restaurant.  We go ahead to secure the table and to take the pressure off them a bit.  We are eating at Moran’s on the seafront.  It is the same place we had cocktails last night!

The food is delicious and the company great.  This is just the birthday I wanted.

Check out my video of the day on my YouTube channel: –

We head back to the apartment for some more drinks before it is time to draw the day to a close.

This has been an amazing birthday.   Everything I had dreamed of.  I have my friends and hubby to thank for that.  Tomorrow I am reliving another birthday from years ago!

Day 1 of my 50th Birthday Celebrations

It is official, I am now 50 years of age!

The celebrations started with a lovely meal out with my hubby at a local restaurant – Baraset Barn.  The food there is amazing and the converted barn cosy, with a lovely atmosphere.

Thursday morning we were up early to head down to Devon to really start the celebrations.  We have booked 2 apartments in Westwood Hoe for 8 of us.  Hubby and I and 2 of our friends were starting on Thursday with the rest on Friday.

The weather was absolutely beautiful.  As we couldn’t get into our apartment until 4 pm we decided to detour to Bideford.  A quick stop off at Morrisons to get some supplies and lunch, we then headed to the sea front to find somewhere to sit and eat our lunch.  It was so beautiful.  We then took a walk along the sea front.  I say sea, but it is actually an estuary taking you out to sea. 

I recorded the day on my Youtube video here:

The apartment was ready a little earlier than expected so we decided to go and check it out.

It was just off the seafront in Westward Ho.  I had upgraded to the Premier Apartment at Westbeach Resort.  I wanted to wake up looking at the ocean on my birthday, so this was the best way to guarantee that.  I am so glad I did.  Our view was beautiful.  We were looking right out across the sea.

The apartment itself was very modern.  2 bedrooms – 1 double – 1 twin, a nice bathroom with bath and rainfall shower, plus a kitchen which was fitted with fridge, freezer, oven and microwave.  Even a proper coffee machine.

I quickly unpacked. Our friends were on route, and after a long journey down, I promised to get a cold beer and G&T ready for them.

When they arrived, we sat on the balcony enjoying our drinks.  It was such a gorgeous day so we decided to go and explore Westward Ho.

It only took us minutes to be on the seafront.  There were plenty of restaurants, bars and shops along the main promenade.  It was very clean and tidy, with a lawned area, childens play area and a large array of planted borders.  The tide was in, so you couldn’t see the sandy beach sadly.

After a walk around we decided to have a drink in Morans, an Asian restaurant that we had booked for the next night, for my actual birthday.  We sat outside drinking cocktails and beer with prawn crackers!  Well it would be rude not to!

Next door was a great fish and chip shop!  As we were at the seaside it was the obvious place to go for dinner!  A brass band was setting up outside, so we sat on a bench eating our fish and chips listening to the music.  It was such a lovely evening.

We headed back to our apartment and sat on the balcony enjoying a few drinks. Slimline wine for me. It was a clear warm evening as we sat watching the sun set over the ocean. What a magical way to start my birthday celebrations.

Tomorrow is the big day!

Stay tuned to see what happened next.  I will also be publishing the weekend on my Youtube channel so don’t forget to subscribe to my channel.

And then it was Friday!

Another week has flown by! I can’t believe it’s Friday already! So much has happened in just a few days!

Technically for us it was only a 4 day week as we took Monday off. If you read my previous blog you will know we spent the weekend in Gloucester. As we hadn’t had a break for 6 months, I really needed to charge my batteries!

So on Monday, we decided to extend our weekend and head to Stonehenge for the day!

I can’t believe I’ve never been before. It’s only a couple of hours drive away. It’s also free if you belong to English Heritage, which we do, so there has really been no excuse.

The weather was on our side! It was a beautiful spring day. Don’t get me wrong, it was blooming cold and windy, but the sun was out.

When you drive to Stonehenge you may be surprised to see it from the road. Well I was! It was just like the first time I saw the pyramids in Cairo.

I had visions of them being in a remote area. Next to a busy road was not what I expected!

Although it is free to enter for us, you still have to book a slot. This is such a good idea as it limits the crowds.

Once you collect your tickets, you can go into their visitor centre which tells you all about the history of Stonehenge. English Heritage are really good at giving you information in the form of audio equipment. Sadly, in the excitement we forgot to get ours! It didn’t matter though, there was still a lot of information about.

Next you get to walk around a replica village. I was a bit disappointed here as only one little house was open for you to view! This meant everyone was focused on the one building rather than spreading it around.

Next you board a shuttle bus that takes you to the stones. They run every few minutes, so it’s all relaxed! You can walk it if you like, but as I said, it was a tad chilly!

Nowadays you can’t get very close to the stones. I can’t believe people used to try and damage them!

There is a good footpath around so you get a great 360 degree view of the stones. With the sun out and perfect blue skies, our cameras were busy!

If you go, look out for what is left of the old road next to the stones! Being so close, I can see why they moved it!

Here is an account of our day.

It was such a lovely day we decided to call into Bourton-on-the-Water for a very late lunch.

One of the benefits of going to tourist places this time of the year is that you miss the crowds.

We only had 1 extra day off, but I felt like I’d really had a good relaxing break!

Tuesday was back to work. Boo hoo! We live in hope to one day win the lottery so we can both travel more! It probably won’t happen, but you have to have a dream!

Have a great weekend!

Starting to feel a lot like Christmas!

I know everyone says it, but I really can’t believe it’s Christmas eve already! Where did this year go?

Sadly, I have had to go to work today, but that isn’t going to stop me getting into the Christmas spirit! It is one of the most magical times of the year for me. It’s a time to spend it with your family and loved ones.

I have my parents to thank for my love of Christmas. As kids, they made it so magical. They also ensured we knew the true meaning of Christmas too.

We always had a real tree that reached the ceiling. It would be placed in the bay window. Decorating it was a family affair. The more tinsel we could put on it, the better!

Our house was very old, so we were fortunate to have an open fire. Sitting in the lounge with the Christmas lights on, a warm log fire and a home made mince pie, were common place.

Santa was a big thing in the house. We would write our letters early and leave them out for Santa to take.

If we needed something like shoes or clothes, Santa would ask mum and dad to take us to try them on and buy them. We would then leave them out for him to take back to Lapland, to be delivered with the rest of our presents on Christmas Eve.

We were in the church choir, so attended all the festive services during December. Being able to appreciate the true meaning of Christmas is so important to me. I still attend church when I can on Christmas Eve. The church fete was always a must too.

On Christmas Eve, we used to go to midnight mass, where either I or my brother sang a solo of ‘Once In Royal David’s City’.

When bedtime came, we would all pick out one of my dads socks. We would proudly place them on the end of our bed! A mince pie, carrot and glass of milk or something stronger was left out for Santa and his reindeer.

Oh the excitement on Christmas morning, when there, on the end of my bed was now my Christmas Stocking. I say stocking, but it was always a sack! I often wondered what Santa did with all those socks!

We would then run into my parents bedroom with sacks in hand and sit on their bed. One by one, we would empty our sacks to see what Santa had left us. As young children it would be things like crayons, colouring books etc. As I grew older, make up would slip in. Today, my parents still do us a sack, but it is now filled with things like washing up liquid, cling film, foil, shower gels etc. It may sound weird, but it’s still one of my favourite things about Christmas. I now save this until boxing day to open, so I can savour the pleasure of it.

Once the sacks are opened, we were so excited to see what Santa had brought us. Dad always warned us not to go downstairs ourselves, just in case Santa was still there! It was ok though, as Dad could check for us. If he had been, he would put the lights on tree and light the fire as he went back up the chimney!

So every year, we would creep down stairs and wait, while dad would pop his head into the lounge and check for us! Yey, he had been!

I still remember the feeling as I walked into the room, the warmth from the fire and the bright twinkling lights on the tree, and there in 3 piles (one each for myself, and my 2 brothers), our presents. I was so excited! I didn’t care necessary what was in them. It was all about the magic of Christmas.

This routine carried on right up to my last Christmas at home, when I was 18. I don’t have children of my own, but I still love the magic of Christmas.

Christmas dinner is also a great time. As a child we would have dinner at home, just the five of us. Crackers were a must, as was the paper hat! Then a visit to both grand parents.

We always went to church Christmas morning too. I still feel it’s important to remember the real meaning behind Christmas. I do worry that sometimes it can become all about the presents, rather than the birth of Jesus.

This year, I have the family coming to me for dinner. I’ve done dinner for the last few years. I feel it is my turn to take the reigns from my parents these days. They have done it for so many years, it is nice to let them just relax and enjoy the day.

I have between 8-12 people and I love it. Cooking for this many isn’t a problem. It’s no different that cooking for 4, you just need more food! I love the noise, and seeing my family all sat around the same table, laughing and enjoying themselves.

Last year, some friends introduced me to the Nigella’s turkey recipe! You leave it in brine for a few days! It was so moist and tasty, we have done it again this year. As we speak, my turkey is soaking in a large plastic box in my garage, in a mixture which includes cinnamon sticks, oranges, onions, a mixture of spices and herbs!

I’m so excited to taste it again this year.

In all the excitement though, I still have time to remember those not as lucky as me. The homeless and those with no family around them. If I could, I would try and help them all out, but I know that is not practical. I will try to help though through charity.

I recently heard of a family who had lost everything. Someone had donated them a Christmas lunch, but the 3 children, 2 girls aged 8 and a 5 year old boy, were probably not getting anything for Christmas. I bought a little present each for them. It’s not much, but if I can help put a smile on someones face on Christmas day, especially a child, then I feel happier.

However you are spending Christmas this year, have a great time. Remember the real meaning behind it. Make it as magical and memorable as you can.

Have a lovely Christmas, and god bless everyone.

This is my type of Wasp swarm!

If you have been following me, you will know, I recently had a problem with wasps in my home. I spent a couple of weeks trying to get rid of them. To me they are horrible insects, who just sting you. They drive you mad when you are trying to enjoy an alfresco dinner or drink. They are just a general all around nuisance, that I absolutely hate!

Thankfully, there is another type of wasp, I absolutely love! The rugby team!

Wasps originated from London. They were founded in Hampstead in 1867 by members of Hampstead FC, which you will now know as the Harlequins.

Thankfully for me, they relocated to Coventry Ricoh in December 2014. Initially only buying a 50% stake of the Ricoh in October 2014, but quickly increasing that to 100% stake by November 2014, they secured their future in the Midlands.

Being married to a huge rugby fan, having a local team on our door step has been a real dream. It all started with their Christmas matches. These are played very near to Christmas Eve. The atmosphere is very festive. The one thing you will learn about Wasps, is that they do a really good party atmosphere rugby match!

Music is played before and after the match, and with the festive match it is followed by a firework display. Everyone is in such good spirits, its a fabulous time.

Rugby has always been a good game for families, but the Wasps matches really stand out!

The Christmas match is now a tradition with us, and this year is no exception. The match is on Sunday 23 December with a 3 am kick off! I have my festive bobble hat at the ready.

Now, I have to confess, I know very little about Rugby. I’m learning, very slowly. I became addicted to it during the Rugby World Cup in 2015. I constantly trying to get tickets to South African games and England games. We traveled right up to Newcastle to see a game. I love the live atmosphere.

I’ve been to football matches, but didn’t enjoy them as I was only guard to things going on around me. In rugby, we could sit next to someone supporting the opposite team, and it would all be in good fun and high spirits.

The truth is, rugby is such a good game, it doesn’t matter if you don’ t know the rules fully. For me I know, the teams have different coloured kits so as long as your team member has the ball, its all good!

To score points, they have to either kick the ball between the posts for 2 points, run the ball over the line for 4 points plus a kick at the goal for an additional 3 points! There may be more, but that is the total amount of my knowledge!

Now I’m going to show off by saying that I also know you have to pass the ball backwards to a team member! They play for 80 minutes in total, 40 minutes a side, when the swap goals! And finally, the team with the highest points wins! Yey!

For me, that is all I need to know right now. If I learn more along the way, great, but it doesn’t stop me having a fabulous time.

If you have ever been tempted to go to a rugby match, and live in the Midlands, a trip to watch Wasps is must. Check out their website for Matches. They often do deals!

I’m so into them now, I’ve even knitted my hubby a scarf to help keep him warm for this weekends match!

Catch a fallen star…..

Oh wow, how excited was I today!  For the first time I saw a shooting star!  It was amazing!

My husband was with me.  He was quite surprised that I had never seen one before, but in the UK, I am not sure how often you can see them?

I was driving to work as normal, when there in front of me I saw this stream of light.  I was gutted I was driving, as I would have loved to have kept searching the sky to see more.

Why do you never have your video on when it happens ?

When I saw it, that song from my childhood came flooding back to me – Catch a fallen star and put it in your pocket, save it for a rainy day!  In reality though, you are never going to do that or are you?  As children, we dream of catching that fallen star!

What you may not know, is that a shooting star isn’t actually that! It  is a common name for the visible part of small dust or rocks from space, as it travels through the Earths atmosphere while burning up, which gives it the commonly known name of a shooting star. If it is large enough, the meteoroid will fall to sea or onto the ground, and be considered a meteorite. So in fact, the song may not be far wrong.  If on the rare occasion you pick up a meteorite, you could put it in your pocket. Although, you are probably going to have more luck in winning the lottery!

Shooting stars are also known as fallen stars, which is where the song comes from.  As they send streaks of light across the night sky before burning out into the darkness, it is said to possess a bit of magic, bringing good luck for anyone who sees one!

I was always told that if I saw a shooting star I should make a wish!  And I certainly did that  today!

It may have taken me nearly 50 years to see one, but I am so glad I did.  It certainly was a magical sight to see.  I hope I don’t have to wait another 50 years to see one.

I’ve since looked online, and there are many websites that allow you to look up timetables of when the next meteor shower may be and where!

I can see a bit of star gazing coming on me thinks!

Happy star gazing!