Where have all the city slickers gone?

We arrived in London at 7am! Perfect timing to travel in with the city commuters! I’m now stood outside the Chinese Embassy waiting for them to open so I can get my visa!

2 things strike me! Firstly, how many people are queuing an hour before the embassy opens. The second is, where are all the city slickers ?

When you think of London you can’t help but think of men in pinstriped suits and top hats! A cane in one hand and a black briefcase in the other!

The reality is so far from that! Casual seems to be the word to best describe most of the workers!

I have seen a couple of suits, but no ties! Most are in just shirts and smart trousers. Ladies in dresses and sandals.

The other thing is the way the phone has shaped our lives! Bluetooth headphones seem to be the latest accessory. We have learnt to multitask ! Yes men too! We can now walk and text on our phones all at the same time!

When did it all change ? I remember starting my first part time job when I was 13! It was in the day when it was allowed. A little corner shop where nothing was pre-packed or pre-sliced. I’d been asking to work there for years. The owners said when I was 13 they would give me a Saturday job. True to their word, when I had my birthday I started working for them. I was so so proud of that job. Earning my own money and getting my independence. It shaped the person I am today!

Vegetables and fruit were sold loose by the pound, weighed on manual scales. I had to slice the ham and cut the cheese to the customers requirement. The bread came fresh from the baker, just as it had come out of the oven!

Sweets were sold from jars by the quarter, and the cash register was manual! No auto adding or telling me what change I needed to give back. Everything was done in my own head!

My bosses and customers were all known by Mr, Mrs etc. No first names! That was rude.

‘This carried on right into my first full time job at Warwick Castle when I left school, to work in the offices!

Earning my own money at a young age helped me appreciate its value. I saved up to buy things myself. Sadly for many youngsters today they can’t start work until they are 16. Some never work until the finish education. I’m a firm believer that the earlier you earn your own money the more you will appreciate its value.

I get that life has become more informal. Things change. But are they all changes for the better?

I’m old school! I don’t like dress down days at work! I like to dress in my ‘work’ clothes. It makes me feel professional. I also appreciate it when I get home and relax in my casual clothes.

The sad thing is that the younger generation will never have the same experiences I had!

I have fond memories of my past and whilst I may seem old fashioned, I wouldn’t change it! I do think that some important lessons have been lost over the years!

I wonder what my grandparents thought about their previous generations? Maybe they felt the same? Who knows, maybe in 40 years time my niece well be saying the same about her next generation!


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