What happened to manners !

Well I’ve seen it all now !

I boarded my train this evening as usual. We were one of the first into the train so there was plenty of space. I headed to 2 seats at the back for hubby and I to sit together! Hubby was right behind me so not a problem.

As I had my gym bag with me I decided to place my bag in the overhead rack!

As I reached up a women ducked under my arms and sat in my seat! Seriously! She swooped in like a seagull pinching your chips! She then had the cheek to just glare at me.

Now not to stereotype but she looked on the surface a normal business women. Obviously that’s a good reason not to judge a book by its cover!

I was furious as was hubby! I thought I could argue with her or I could get the upper hand! I decided on the later!

I looked her in the face and said to my hubby ‘if she is so desperate let her have it’! There are plenty of seats down here!’

As we walked away my hubby made a passing remark loud enough for her to just hear – ‘how bloody rude! Does she want to jump in my grave?’

We then walked away and found another 2 seats together!

I cannot even begin to understand what went through her mind to behave like that! It wasn’t as if it was the last seat! Even if it was you don’t steal it! It’s absolutely unbelievable that people can behave that way!

It reminds me of the time I spent 4 months in a cast! I had crutches too! Not once during 4 months of commuting did anyone offer me a seat! If a seat did come up near the window, no-one offered to move up so I could have the isle seat! Oh no! They expected me to climb over feet and bags !

I often offer my seat to people who look like they need it. It’s how I was brought up!

While I’m on one, I should also mention the man who ran past me down the isle to beat me to a seat. Pushing past me on my crutches! Again on that occasion I just said ‘if you are that desperate for it, take it’!

When did we become a world of man eat dog? Where is respect and kindness gone!

Commuting is stressful enough without this rudeness! So come on, think before you act!


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