This is my type of Wasp swarm!

If you have been following me, you will know, I recently had a problem with wasps in my home. I spent a couple of weeks trying to get rid of them. To me they are horrible insects, who just sting you. They drive you mad when you are trying to enjoy an alfresco dinner or drink. They are just a general all around nuisance, that I absolutely hate!

Thankfully, there is another type of wasp, I absolutely love! The rugby team!

Wasps originated from London. They were founded in Hampstead in 1867 by members of Hampstead FC, which you will now know as the Harlequins.

Thankfully for me, they relocated to Coventry Ricoh in December 2014. Initially only buying a 50% stake of the Ricoh in October 2014, but quickly increasing that to 100% stake by November 2014, they secured their future in the Midlands.

Being married to a huge rugby fan, having a local team on our door step has been a real dream. It all started with their Christmas matches. These are played very near to Christmas Eve. The atmosphere is very festive. The one thing you will learn about Wasps, is that they do a really good party atmosphere rugby match!

Music is played before and after the match, and with the festive match it is followed by a firework display. Everyone is in such good spirits, its a fabulous time.

Rugby has always been a good game for families, but the Wasps matches really stand out!

The Christmas match is now a tradition with us, and this year is no exception. The match is on Sunday 23 December with a 3 am kick off! I have my festive bobble hat at the ready.

Now, I have to confess, I know very little about Rugby. I’m learning, very slowly. I became addicted to it during the Rugby World Cup in 2015. I constantly trying to get tickets to South African games and England games. We traveled right up to Newcastle to see a game. I love the live atmosphere.

I’ve been to football matches, but didn’t enjoy them as I was only guard to things going on around me. In rugby, we could sit next to someone supporting the opposite team, and it would all be in good fun and high spirits.

The truth is, rugby is such a good game, it doesn’t matter if you don’ t know the rules fully. For me I know, the teams have different coloured kits so as long as your team member has the ball, its all good!

To score points, they have to either kick the ball between the posts for 2 points, run the ball over the line for 4 points plus a kick at the goal for an additional 3 points! There may be more, but that is the total amount of my knowledge!

Now I’m going to show off by saying that I also know you have to pass the ball backwards to a team member! They play for 80 minutes in total, 40 minutes a side, when the swap goals! And finally, the team with the highest points wins! Yey!

For me, that is all I need to know right now. If I learn more along the way, great, but it doesn’t stop me having a fabulous time.

If you have ever been tempted to go to a rugby match, and live in the Midlands, a trip to watch Wasps is must. Check out their website for Matches. They often do deals!

I’m so into them now, I’ve even knitted my hubby a scarf to help keep him warm for this weekends match!


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