So much to do, but no time to do it!

Does anyone else feel like this?

I know people who seem to be able to fit so much into their day, and still have time to relax and have fun.  How do they do it?   I have no idea!  I mean, we all have the same 24 hours to our days.  It’s not like you can get an extension on it, although wouldn’t that be a great idea!

I think I am an organised person.  I’m certainly not someone who called be called lazy, but I just struggle every week trying to keep everything going!  Just when I think I have it nailed, something else gets thrown in!  Oh to be superwomen!

Everyday, I wake up and it feels like groundhog day!  I work full time, have a 4 bedroom detached house, 2 very hairy black dogs and a 3 hour commute to work!

So how do I spend my 24 hours each day?

Monday to Friday is certainly like being on a hamster wheel!  The alarm goes off just after 5 am!  My hubby and I get up  – which means putting on our dog walking clothes, I put the kettle on, and off we go to take the dogs for their morning walk!

We return back around 6 am, where I will make the teas, while hubby will deal with any toilet presents left by the dogs the night before!

Hubby will take our drinks upstairs, while I will pack away anything that may have been on the draining board overnight or in the dishwasher.

At 6.15 am, I go for my shower!  I aim to be out by 6.25 am, to give myself 5-10 minutes to drink my tea, catch up on the news and my emails.

At 6.30 am I start to get dressed, put make up on and do my hair!

By 6.50 am, I need to be downstairs in the kitchen, sorting the dogs treats out for their 6 toys, put Fido out for him to do his business (he is a creature of habit and likes to do it around 7 am!), pack my lunch and breakfast and gym kit into my rucksack!

By 7 am, I need to be in the car on on the way to the train station to catch the 7.42 am train to Birmingham!

This is where the stress levels start to rise!  Usually, you can do this journey in around 25-30 minutes, but you can guarantee, the day you leave a minute or 2 late, everything conspires against me!  Take yesterday for example!  Part of our journey takes us down a bypass!  You would expect this part of the journey to be quite quick, however not when there is a tractor on the road, with only 2 lanes and a road feeding into it!

If that hadn’t already delayed me, the next part of the journey, there were road works!  It took 3 changes of the traffic lights before I could get through them!  The annoying thing was, they weren’t there last night, so I couldn’t have factored that into my morning schedule.  Had I have known, I would have left 10 minutes earlier!

I am now watching the time slip away!  Its highly likely that I am going to miss my train!  My only hope was that the train was late!

As I get nearer to the carpark, I can see I am literally minutes from failure!

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