Out of the mouths of babes !

I’ve just had an amazing weekend with my 2 beautiful nieces ! They are 6 and 9. I’ve had them many times since they were born. They are growing so fast, I treasure every moment !

I always try to find an excuse to ask to have them, although I know if I just said to my brother I wanted them, I know I could have them. I think they love their sleep overs with me as much as I do too!

To them I’m auntie MeMe! I absolutely love them to bits. They are not just family, but they are both amazing young girls . In fact I see myself in the eldest one so much.   I call her my mini me!  The youngest has this really brave side to her, which definitely isn’t me at her age, although maybe the independence bit was!

Both girls have the most amazing blue eyes . I’m biased but they are the best girls ever!

What I love about my time with them is seeing life differently!

This weekend we have taken a train ride to Birmingham to go shopping.  I commute to work on the train every day and think nothing of it.  To them though, it’s a real adventure!

We get onto the platform and I explain to them that they have to stay behind the yellow line. Then the questions come.  Why?  To me it is obvious but to them not so much.  We have a conversation about the trains going through the station fast cause a rush of wind, which could blow them under the train!  They both take it in, and make sure they do not cross the line.

The train arrives and they count the carriages.  8 in total.  I hadn’t realised what a big step up it is onto the train.  With their little legs its a big heave up!  We then have to find the right seats.  It is pretty full for a Saturday, but we find a set of 6 which is only occupied by 2 gentleman.

The girls love a picnic, so I’ve made one up for them.  Ham rolls, French Fries crisps, chopped apple and a pork pie each.  They tuck into it nicely.  When it gets to the crisps, they start making letters out of them.  C and Y seemed to be the common ones.  I have to smile as they chat amongst themselves.

The youngest asks me how old I am, to which the oldest tells her its rude to ask a lady her age!  I laughed and said 21, to which the 2 gentleman opposite me laughed.  How rude!  I had to laugh with them though!

Just before we get to Birmingham, I have a chat with them about either holding my hand or staying close.  Birmingham is a big place, and I would hate it if they got lost on my watch!  They both promise me they would, so we jump off the train (and I mean jump its so high!) and head off to the city centre.

The girls are so excited.  Today I have promised to take them shopping for clothes.  The eldest for her birthday, and the youngest as a treat!

We head to the first shop – Primark!    There children’s section isn’t huge, but quickly they both have found an outfit each!  The problem with them both, is that they are both really tall for their age.  The 6 year old is in 9 year old clothes, and the 9 year old, 12-13 year old.  There lies the dilemma!  Some of the outfits are not age appropriate for them.  Thankfully they both realised that, and don’t look at anything too old!

Just before we entered into the first shop, the youngest spotted a man with balloons.  She now really, really wanted one!  I said that we could see how the day went, and if I had enough money left, and she still wanted one she could have one.  I thought she would change her mind!

In Primark, the youngest had an outfit, but then spotted a coat!  I thought is was my opportunity to get out of the balloon!  I said she could either have the coat or the balloon!  Damn, she said she didn’t really need another coat, but she did need the balloon!

We continue around a few more shops such as H&M and New Look.  None of them inspired the eldest, in fact these 2 shops in particular were age inappropriate for the 9 year old!

Now they need the loo!  Where do you go?  Except at the station , I couldn’t remember where there was one!  You don’t tend to think about it when you are on your own!  I look around and see a McDonalds!   I decide we should head there and hope no-one notices us!  I didn’t need to worry though, as the girls then tell me that ‘daddy said the McFurry’s are the best ever!’.  So of course I treat them to one!

Did you know you could get table service there these days?  No, it was news to me too!

While we are sitting there, a man behind us starts having  a row with his wife.  Swear words are exchanged very loudly!  I’m a bit worried about the girls in case he kicks off.  Thankfully he doesn’t.  I ask the girls if they are ok.  I didn’t need to worry.  The young one just said ‘that man said naughty words and wasn’t very nice’!  Oh how true!

As we walked around the city, the girls noticed the homeless.  They were telling me about soup kitchens and charities that help them.  I was so proud of them.  At 9 and 6 they were very aware of how lucky they were and the sad lives other people have.

We passed a man singing for money, and the eldest commented that he was doing it to feed himself.  I was so humble.  I asked if they would like to give him some money, which they did.  I gave them both some coins, and they proudly put them in his tin!

Later we passed a man selling bands for the homeless.  The girls thought this was a really good idea, so again I gave them the £2 each to buy one.

It is amazing how they, so young, can remind us adults to be kind.  I do give to homeless, usually sandwiches or hot drinks, but not every time!  Had I been on my own, would I have noticed them as much?  I’m sad to say, probably not!

We have been shopping for over 4 hours now, and so we decided to head back to the station.  Then the subject of the balloon is raised again, for about the 10th time that day!  As they both had been so good I give in!  Only a small one though!  We do have to take it on the train you know!

We head to the man selling them.  I ask which one she wants.  Cat Boy!  I hadn’t got a clue who that was and had to ask her to point it out.  Of course it had to be the biggest!  I tell her she can have it, as long as she holds it tightly at the station!  She agrees, so we go home with Cat Boy!

True to her word she holds him tight and he comes home safely with us.

We had a great day and are all ready for our dinner and bed!

Spending time with them is always a delight.  I have them until tomorrow and I can’t wait to enjoy every minute of it.


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