Home Sweet Home!

So today we head home! It’s been a good week, but with the rain, we decided not to extend the holiday until Monday!

Lola must be so tuned in to our work wake up time, as just after 5am she gave her warning bark! Only quick and sharp, but enough for me to know it’s her toilet break time.

I get up and take them both for a walk behind the cottage for the last time. It’s raining so I’m so pleased at the speed of both dogs. No messing around today!

Back at the cottage, both go back to bed easily! I’m able to get some more sleep myself before the alarm goes off at 7.20 am.

We have to leave the cottage by 10 am. As we have the dogs I need to vacuum the ground floor before we leave. I’ve done it once this week already. The vacuum they have is a Vax, but as with most hoovers, it seems to struggle with our dogs hairs! I’m convinced they have super strength hair!

Back of cottage
Front of cottage

I bought a new vacuum at Countryfile Live! They showed us it holding a 10lb ball! I thought woo hoo, that will pick up the hairs easily ! When I tried it at home with the dog hair, it still struggled !

I also need to strategically pack the car! With 3 adults, 2 dogs and the cases, cameras, left over food etc, space is at a premium. I need to be creative with every ounce of space !

My car doesn’t have a spare wheel. Instead I have canisters of foam. I keep meaning to get a spare Tyre but never got round to it!

Without the tyre, I have additional storage space! On the way up to Lakes it was perfect for storing my wine and Fanta! I filled the rest of the gaps with our waterproofs!

There is also space under the front seats, ideal for shoes etc! No space is wasted!

What also helped on the way, was that I placed a Tesco delivery to bring our food for the week, to the cottage! I always take enough for the first night, just in case there is a problem with the delivery. It is a perfect space saver!

Well the car is packed! We decide to stop off at Morecombe on the way back. It will give the dogs a chance to stretch their legs.

Hubby and stepdaughter would like a MacDonalds but our timing is out! We will have to try and find a service station on the motorway nearer lunch time!

There won’t be much in when we get home later so it will be a trip to the chippy!

It will be good to be home. The holiday has been good, but you can’t beat home sweet home !

Our publish what we did over the next few days!


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