I had a dream!!


So the other day my husband and I had a conversation that many of you have probably had with your other half one time or another!

If we won the lottery would we move house?

We have only been in our house just over 2 years.  It’s our first home together even though we have been together for over 10 years and married for 3.  When we met I already had a house, so it didn’t seem necessary for us to move.  As time went by, we felt that it would be nice to have a house that both of us chose.

Our current house was brand new when we bought it, and we have both enjoyed making it ours.  The whole experience and cost of moving was not pleasant, 2 buyers pulling out and 2 lost dreams. My hubby has always said he will never move again!  So if you suddenly have a few million in your bank account would that change?

Initially in the conversation my hubby was talking about whether we actually needed a bigger house for just the 2 of us.  Its a lovely 4 bedroom detached house.  As he said, how many rooms can you actually use?  True! Its funny then how the conversation changes!

Well, there is only 1 more room I would like, he says!  A room to put in a home gym!  Not a bad idea.  I would go for that too!  Then I point out that I would like a bigger kitchen with an island.  I love cooking and a Nigela type walk-in larder would be great.  Oh and a utility room!  I used to have one before and really miss it.

Oh and how about a drive through front garden?  And a bigger garden?    I mean, to have a built in braai area undercover, with seating and a bar would be perfect, and we would get so much use out of it!

Ah and that walk-in wardrobe would be amazing!  As my hubby points out – more wardrobe space for both of us would be good!

Now wouldn’t it be great to have a bath as well as a walk-in shower in our own ensuite?

Suddenly, the forever house we currently live in is the ‘forever house until we win millions’!

That night I went to bed.  As usual I had to pop to the bathroom in the night.  As I sat up my phone lit up.  There flashing before me was an email from the Lottery.  The subject ‘News about your Ticket’.  Not a lucky dip but a win!  I sat there for a while wondering what to do!  Do I open it now.  I mean, if I did and I  had actually won, I would have to wake my hubby up.  That would be the end of my sleep for the night and I am soooo tired (rubbish logic now I think about it!).  I could just be a couple of pounds and then I will be disappointed.  If I left it until the morning I could prolong the dream!

I wander to the bathroom wondering what to do!  I decide I’m going to leave it!  If we have won we can read it together in the morning!

So I wake up.  Do I take the dogs out first or after?  Oh god this is killing me!  What if my life has changed overnight?  I decide to leave it a little while longer.

All around my walk I think about what I would do.  The options are endless.  Do I tell anyone except hubby?  We really need time to digest it ourselves don’t we!  When do we hand our notices in at work?  Oh wow this is just going to be so stressful!

I wander back home, make a cup of tea and grab my phone.  This is it!  In a few seconds time my life will have changed for ever!

I open up the National Lottery app on my phone.  I sign in.  My heart is beating so fast.  I go to my messages and there it is!  Congratulations.  You have won…………………………£2.70!

Ok my life hasn’t changed, but for those few hours, I had a dream.  I might never win big on the lottery, but even just having that little bit of hope boosts you.  If you don’t have something to aim for what is the point?

Its like losing weight.  You have to have a vision of what you want to look like.  An old photo or a new you.   By having that vision, it gives you something to work towards.

If you aim high you will achieve more!  Aim for the stars and you may get the moon.  Isn’t that better though than standing still and nothing changing?


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