Our Journey from Warwickshire to the Isle of Skye

It was certainly an early start for us living in the Midlands.  The alarm went off at 4 am!  Wow!  We normally get up just after 5 am.  I thought that was early, but this was something new.   As we had such an early start, we headed to bed at 8 pm!  Making myself sleep was always  going to be a struggle!  Typically, the night before was a hot and humid one! I couldn’t sleep.  In the end, I decided to go into the spare room so I could put a fan on, and not wake up hubby!  For some bizarre reason my husband doesn’t notice the temperature or if there is a thunderstorm, so sleeps through! I can’t tell you how much sleep I actually got, but I was surprised at how quickly I got up when the 4am alarm went off.  In fact my hubby,  who doesn’t do mornings, bounced out of bed too!  I think that shows how much we were both looking forward to this holiday!

We showered and took the dogs for their morning walk.  We felt that giving them a walk would help them on the long drive.  According to Google Maps it was almost an 11 hour drive without any stops, so a long time for the dogs.

We got back from walking the dogs, and I suggested to hubby that he sit in garden with dogs while I packed the car.  That way, the dogs would have a chance to go to toilet before we left, as well as keeping them quiet while I packed the car.

Now I am not saying my husband could pack the car as well as me, but its fair to say I can probably get double the amount in.  Even my hubby doesn’t know how I do it!  My kitchen is the same!

I wanted both dogs to be comfortable as it was the longest time they had been in a car.  Lola has a terrible habit of sitting with her legs over the back seat, walking all over Fido to do so!  I wasn’t sure he would put up with that for hours!  So Fido had half the boot and Lola half of the back seat.

We originally planned to leave by 5 am but it was 5.30 am by the time we hit the road.  I thought I would start the drive, but hubby, who keeps asking to drive, got into the seat.  I was actually quite happy!  I am rubbish at sleeping in the day, and today was no different, but to close your eyes and relax was nice.  Before I knew it, we were past the Lakes!

The worst bit of the journey was over before I knew it!  That was a bonus, as the best was  yet to come!  As soon as you hit the Lakes area, the scenery changes for the better. Then when you go through Glasgow,  which isn’t that exciting in itself, but from there on wow!  Its is amazing!

We left our home near Stratford Upon Avon as I said at 5.30 am.  Our first stop was 4 hours later at a service station.  At Annadale Water Motorway Service Area at Junction 16 on A74, there was a MacDonald’s, which I think was the incentive for hubby to stop.  He keeps complaining that he hasn’t had a McDonald’s for so long! Sadly it was 9.30 am so he couldn’t have a burger.  He decided a breakfast meal was ok though.  I resisted, as I had made a couple of healthy rolls last night for me!  Gotta start the holidays on the right foot!

The stop is great if you have dogs, as it has an area to walk them with a lake.  While I popped to the ladies and bought my hubby a McDonald’s breakfast (yes seriously,  I was good honest!), he took the dogs or a walk.  We decided to fill the car up at this point too!  Wow it was expensive, however we didn’t know when we would get a chance to do it after this!  We didn’t realise it but we could have waited to get into Glasgow where the fuel is so much cheaper!

Hubby was quite happy to drive, but I felt it was right to share the driving!  Big mistake!  This was the most beautiful part of the trip!  I have a GoPro, but it took hubby quite a while to see its benefits!

We then stopped off at a service station at Ballachulish.  There has a lovely visitors centre and the all important toilet.  There wasn’t anywhere for the dogs to walk, but getting them out of the car stretched their legs a little!  There was a good Co-Op if you needed it.  At this point we swapped driving. Yey!

The rest of the trip was amazing!  I finally got the chance to try my new GoPro out.  I will down load any good clips, but as this was my first time out with it, you never know!

The highlight of my trip up, was our journey up the A82 which takes you past Loch Lomand.  Oh wow, it is so beautiful.  It goes on for miles.  We then go over a gorgeous bridge in Loch Linnhe!  Can this journey get more beautiful?

As we drive, my hubby sees a statue of some solders on the A87.  He realises that he has on old picture of his mum at that spot, on a slide, from years before.   We have to stop and take a picture of him in front of it.  Wow, what a surprise to pass the same place years later! We can’t wait to tell his mum!


Our next stop was at Eilean Donan Castle.  The sun was shining and this was truly a sight to behold.  I was so excited to come on this trip, and the closer I got to Skye, the more I loved this journey!

The dogs loved the latter part of the journey too,  as it meant a good leg stretch.  Fido took the opportunity to get his paws wet in the sea.  The Castle was stunning.  We couldn’t go in as we had the dogs, but that didn’t matter.  We could walk on beach and take pictures outside.  It was so lovely, a perfect stop gap!

The next stage was to cross the bridge to Skye.  Wow it is beautiful.  Top tip!  Don’t use your sat nav for your next petrol station, as it is no longer up to date!  The rule we used was to always fill up after you hit half a tank!  A good tip as you don’t see may places to fill up your car!

I hope our GoPro works, and we can post some videos for you.  Skye does not disappoint!  Our cottage is 1.5 hours after the bridge, but it is worth it.

We get to our cottage exactly 12 hours after we left home.  I don’t feel tired or bored.  I am excited and recharged.  Skye is everything I thought and a whole lot more!  I can’t wait to get out and explore!

We couldn’t have picked a better cottage or location.  If you want rural, this is it!  We thought we had taken the wrong turning initially when we arrived.  All we could see was a little track with 2 farm gates!  I called the caretaker and yes that was right!

The cottage is remote, quiet and with the most wonderful views over the sea!


Keep following me to see what the week brings!


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