Lips that don’t kiss and tell!

I’m a firm believer that if you look good you will feel good! For me that means ensuring I have beautifully painted red lips!

Over the years I’ve tried various lipsticks like most of us ladies. Many of them though need constant applications to keep them looking vibrant . I’m not lazy but I really can’t be bothered having to reapply it every 5 minutes. I also can’t abide it when you see lipstick marks on cups or glasses! Oh and when you kiss someone on the cheek you have to wipe your lipstick off them ! No sorry that isn’t for me !

So I bet your confused now aren’t you , as I’ve also just said feeling good means bright red lipstick. Well yes it does, and thankfully for me, the cosmetic industry has come to my rescue ! 24 hour lipsticks !

Can a lipstick really stay on that long ? Yes it can! New Year’s Day I had some friends who had slept over from the night before ! One of them thought I’d been good and put my makeup on when she first saw me! I hadn’t ! My lipstick was still perfectly in tact!

So what is my secret ? There are 3 long lasting lipsticks in my make up bag at the moment but I do have a firm favourite !

The 3 are:

Splash by Younique @ £21

Maybeline Super Stay @ £7.99

Rimmel Provocalips @ £6.99

Ok before I tell you let’s look at them individually!


This is the most expensive. I have a friend who sells these products and she wears this all the time ! For her it stays on all day long and looks great!

I bought it as had high hopes, but sadly it never dried on my lips. I’ve tried everything but nothing worked!  Then my friend recommended I use a lip brush rather than the brush it comes with.   This solved the problem although it does take about an hour to set.  I think this is my lips though as my friend never has this problem or others that have used it.  Having seen the results on my friend though I would still say try it !

If you have never heard of Younique, pop over to my friends site: and see what else they have to offer.  She can also be found on Facebook @lusciouslashesVIP.


This used to be my favourite. It comes in so many colours and stays on for about 12 hours! It dries in seconds so I never leave lipstick marks on my mug in the morning or get lipstick on my clothes when getting dressed!

It also has a clear gloss that keeps your lips moist if you need it. I have to admit I only ever use this side in the summer on hot days.


Oh wow! This lipstick is absolutely amazing. It comes in so many colours and lasts 24 hours ! I wake up the next day looking like I’ve just applied it. It’s fabulous !

Come on girls, how often has the door bell gone when your still in bed ? With this lipstick you can quickly ruffle your hair, pinch your cheeks to give a bit of colour all while walking down the stairs . When you open that door the postman will think you look radiant with your stunning lip colour!

Value for money you can’t go wrong and if they have a 3 for 2 offer on, treat yourself to various colours ! I’ve just invested in a cerise colour for the summer ! Gorgeous!

It also has a gloss end which again I only use on summer but it’s good to have !

Give them a go and let me know what you think !


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