How to survive the buffet table!

Buffet food

We all know that eating out on its own is a challenge, but at least you have a chance of checking out the menu on-line before hand to try and plan.  So what do you do when you get that invite to your best friends party, a wedding, training course or a family get together and you know its a buffet?  Buffets are probably the biggest challenge anyone can face when trying to watch what they eat.  It all looks so amazing and you are only going to have a couple of everything so it won’t be too bad will it? Well lets see!

What you might find on the buffet table!

Sausage rolls
Cocktail sausages
Assortment of sandwiches
Chicken drumsticks
Chicken kebabs
Salted peanuts
Chicken nuggets
Onion bhaji
Spring rolls
Chinese Wontong

Now lets do that list again but with the syn values attached!

Sausage rolls – 5 syns each (snack size)
Cocktail sausages – 1.5 syns each
Assortment of sandwiches – depending on filling 6.5 syns a quarter
Crisps- 25g 5 syns
Chicken drumsticks – 6 syns with skin on
Chicken kebabs – up to 2 syns each
Salted peanuts  25g 9 syns
Chicken nuggets -1.5 syns each
Samosa – 6 – 12 syns depending on size
Onion bhaji – 2 – 5 syns depending on size
Spring rolls – 7.5 syns
Chinese Wontong – 3 syns each

So on the basis that you would only have a couple of everything you have just consumed approximately 100 syns!  And that hasn’t included any drinks or the second trip back to the table!  Are you shocked?  I know I was when I first worked it out!  So what can you do?

Well the first thing you can do is not to turn up hungry.  The hungrier you are, the less able you are to restrict what you eat.  Make something at home before you go?  Or if its a works buffet, take something with you.  No-one is going to mind if you eat your own food, in fact they may be jealous that yours looks so much nicer!

If its a wedding and you can’t do that, how about making a quiet exit to the car where you have your own snack waiting for you!  No-one will even notice I promise!

If you can, ask whoever is sorting the buffet out to arrange for you a dairy free option!  It tends to be so much healthier, although the cocktail sausages will still potentially make an appearance!

Pack fruit or healthy snacks in your bag to stop you feeling hungry later on!

If you really don’t have any control before you go on what you are going each, then don’t worry, you can still try and limit the overall damage!

Don’t just go straight to the start of the queue and fill your plate up.  That’s far too dangerous!  Have a little walk along the table and identify the healthier options.  Think about whether you could vary some of the food items such as taking the skin off the chicken drumsticks to make them free!  Most sandwich platters have salad on them for decoration.  How about having that rather than the sandwiches?  Don’t fall into the trap of thinking just because the bread is wholemeal its automatically better for you!  Also be wary of thinking its your HEB.  You could only potentially have 2 quarters as part of the HEB due to the size of the bread.  Also,whats inside them? Most will be covered in butter and mayonnaise etc.  You may be able to remove some of the meat though!

Is there any dips with raw vegetables?  If so perfect.  Fill your plate, but remember the dips could be loaded with calories too.  Go for the tomato based one.  Its likely to be the healthier option!

If all else fails, you have up to 15 syns a day.  You have already walked the table so you know what is coming up.  Focus on the lower syn options.

And my final and most important tip is ………………… what out for the dessert table!  If you were shocked at the syns above you are going to be even more shocked at the cakes!  Look for the fruit salad, or the fruit decorating the plates!  Or even better put a hifi bar in your bag!  It’s 3 syns if you have already used your HEB if not its free!

The main thing is you don’t let that buffet ruin your party, wedding etc.  And don’t forget the sensible shoes for all that body magic on the dance floor!


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