A new week, a new goal!

Wednesday 28 March

They say the second you step off the scales you are into the next weeks weight loss ! Yesterday I only lost 0.5lb! It’s a loss, but I would like more this week. 4lb is my goal. I know what you are all thinking – am I mad! It’s not only a 4 day weekend but it’s Easter ! It’s going to be more difficult but ultimately I’m going to try and keep in my mind why I want this ! It’s coming into summer and I want to be able to feel as confident in my bikini as I did last year !

So I left group last night armed with an SOS log for every day this week! I’m truly focused !

I immediately start preparing dinner! Gammon with all fat removed , sweet potato chips and my favourite broccoli! I added a couple of pieces of fresh pineapple which finished it off lovely ! I only had half my HEB all day so had a double choc hifi bar afterwards! I’m pleased I’ve had no syns all day !

Thursday 29 March

Planning is key when you want to stay on track! We are out for dinner tonight at a pub that is reopening after a refurb! I used to walk past it on my way to school so am excited to see what they have done with it ! Ives been on line to check the menu out so I think I know what I’m having . I’m going to save my HE’s today just in case I want to use them later so it’s a muller light, banana and 2 satsumas for breakfast!

To keep me full until dinner I prepared a wholemeal pasta dish with ham, spinach, cherry tomatoes and 2 boiled eggs !

I finished this off with another miller light and satsuma.

I’m going to confess now that I was also sabotaged! One of my staff made a lemon drizzle cake ! I returned from a meeting to find a slice on my keyboard ! They all know I usually resist all cakes and sweets, so was surprised to see it ! It was however the thinest slice halved so they had really thought about it ! Syn wise, it’s so had to tell which is why I’d normally go without ! I’ve decided to count it as 3 syns, although I’m probably being very generous ! On that basis I felt I should accept it in the way it was meant and eat it !

Sometimes even with complete planning things can happen like this . You just have to consider the options and count it in!

Ouch tonight was a complete disaster! We thought we were going to reopening of The Racehorse pub in Warwick . We expected to enjoy a meal with 1 free drink each! I even checked out website in advance and planned my food ! Glad to say others arriving thought the same! Apparently there were canapés being served only, but after 2 hours we never saw them!

As myself, hubby and 2 friends had saved Ourselves for this treat and were starving, so we left and went to our old local ! For me steak with salad ! Trying to keep on track food wise! Sadly the wine not so much ! As my 2 friends joined us, I swapped from being driver to passenger ! 3 bottles of wine between 3 of us later, my syns were out of the window! It’s rare this happens, and I’m only human, so I’ll just accept it as a blip! I enjoyed the night but now it’s time to move on !

Saturday 30 March

So today it’s damage limitation!

Breakfast was a 3 egg omelette with cherry tomatoes and mushrooms topped with baked beans !

It was hair cut day today . Always nice to have a bit of me time !

A muller yoghurt and 30g of cheese kept me full till dinner time !

Tonight was spaghetti with peppers, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, quark and prawns.   

Absolutely delicious and totally free!

Tonight I picked my stepdaughter up from airport. She didn’t come through until 10.15 pm so as the driver I hadn’t had any wine and was syn free!

By the time we got home it was gone 11pm but I was a bit peckish ! I hadn’t had my HEB so I had 5 Ryvita Rye Cakes. If I hadn’t had my HEA earlier I might have had light cheese triangles on them. Instead I had them dry, but I love them so it was fine . I did have 2 glasses of fizz also at 10 syns!

Saturday 31 March

Saturdays always start with brunch for us.  My hubby has the full fat version of bacon, eggs and sausages.  For me though its the healthier option of 2 Linda McCartney sausages (the red onion ones are free), 2 poached eggs, baked beans and 2 sliced of wholemeal toast from my HEB allowance.  I do love a cooked breakfast and its great that on Slimming World you can still have it with a couple of tweaks!


Tonight my brother-in-law is joining us. No doubt the Wii will be out.  He loves playing the bowls with us!  He is bringing a leg of lamb over for dinner which I don’t eat.  I have decided to cook a chicken for myself in the slow cooker with a couple of lemons for me. I put it in upside down so all the moisture and lemon juices get into the breast.   I can use the rest for other meals later in the week so it won’t go to waste!

As expected the chicken was absolutely amazing . It literally fell apart when I came to take it out of the slow cooker! I served it along with roast potatoes and carrots done in frylight, broccoli and homemade Yorkshire pudding . I didn’t have any gravy as I didn’t want to add more syns ! I also opened a cheeky bottle of fizz which I see this morning is still half full so can look forward to that tomorrow! I am pleased to say I didn’t have any cakes, chocolates or hot cross buns today either!

I was getting a bit bored in the afternoon which could be a trigger to eat rubbish ! Instead I made a soda bread loaf for my stepdaughter . Taking your mind of food by doing something can really help you when trying to lose weight, whether it be knitting, housework, exercise or baking . Just be careful you don’t eat the baking creations though!!!

Sunday 1 April

It might be April fools day today but I wasn’t a fool with my brunch ! Same as yesterday and tasted equally as good!

I didn’t ask for any Easter Eggs this year so there won’t be any temptation for me ! Well that was the plan ! My brother got me one! Only a small one as he knew I was trying to be good! My mum then gave me a bag full of chocolate and nougat! Eek. I will ration it out though !

My nieces of 8 & 5 were also visiting my parents ! The eldest had made Easter cakes and had brought one each for hubby and I! As my stepdaughter was also there I thought I had got away with it. Then my niece asked her dad to go home and fetch me one which he did ! How could you say no! I will count it ! It was made from cornflakes and chocolate with 3 chocolate eggs on top so I’d say 5 syns ! It was delicious! And well worth it especially as my gorgeous niece made it. I don’t know about you but spending time with family is so precious. My nieces are growing up so quickly I want to share every moment I can with them !

Breakfast was a SW cooked breakfast and all free! 2 slices of wholemeal toast, baked beans, vegetarian sausages and 2 poached eggs! Apart from the little treat above I didn’t eat again until dinner time .

We had gone into Stratford Upon Avon for a walk. Whilst my hubby and stepdaughter both enjoyed a 99, I was good and had a Diet Coke ! I had the start of a cold! You know the feeling of swallowing glass !

Dinner was last nights lemon chicken, roast potatoes which I did with frylight and fresh thyme and broccoli.

We started to do a jigsaw. This one is called a Wasgij! They are great fun as you don’t know what the final picture will look like ! The one on the box is just a clue ! It kept us so busy you don’t think about food! I did have a couple of glasses of fizz though!

Monday 1 April

So my cold is in full swing and I feel absolutely rotten ! Nothing some Day Nurse can’t help though .

Breakfast was the same as yesterday ! Filling and delicious!

I’m not really hungry today so certainly not being tempted by the chocolate that is being eaten around me !

Dinner is 2 Slimming World burgers and homemade potato wedges.

My hubby and I finally finish the jigsaw only to find the puppy had eaten 5 pieces. We were so occupied with it it was late by the time we finished. I had 2 glasses of fizz all night so well in my syns!

Tuesday 3 April

Well because I got distracted by the jigsaw I hadn’t prepared my breakfast or lunch last night, so it was a quick dash to sort something . I did consider buying something on route to work, but then thought better of it! That’s when the extra syns can come in! So it was 2 weetabix with chopped bananas and skimmed milk for breakfast ! Both HE so all free! Yey !

Lunch was lettuce, ham and cucumber. A little light I know but I couldn’t find any tomatoes and didn’t have much time! I also took 3 satsumas and a muller light. So considering it was all a bit rushed it was on plan !

Dinner was left over chicken, new potatoes sliced and cooked in frylight with broccoli! I added salt and vinegar to the potatoes and they were amazing !

So I didn’t go through the same problem as today tomorrow, I prepared breakfast and lunch for tomorrow!

Wednesday 4 April

So last night I mixed frozen berries and quark together for breakfast. I didn’t add oats as I want to save my HEB for later . 2 boiled eggs will see me through to lunch .

Lunch is a ham salad again but this time I have tomatoes ! Muller yoghurt, banana, 3 satsumas and 3 baby bell will be snacked on! It’s weigh in day today so will eat later than usual. This is where my HEB will come in as I will have a hifi bar between weigh in and dinner !

Wish me luck with my weigh in! It won’t be 4lb I know but hopefully a loss !

Drum roll please! What did the scales say? Well ok maybe 4lb was optimistic but I did lose 1.5lb this week. Not bad if you remember my Thursday night antics!

I’m now into another week. Fingers crossed for another loss!


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