How do you spend your syns?

We all know that Slimming World isn’t a diet.  Its a healthy way of living which is why Slimming World give us all up to 15 syns per day (some may get more)  we can spend on whatever we like.

How we spend our syns varies so much.  Some of us prefer savoury, some sweet and some like me like to spend ours on wine.  It doesn’t matter what you spend them on as long as you keep within your syn allowance.  The best way to do this is to ensure you plan what you are going to have, when, and even more importantly you measure, measure, measure!  You will be amazed how many more syns you could have had without realising it!

I bought myself a mini set of scales that I keep in my bag.  They are handy for measuring things on the go.  You might think it sounds a bit overboard but believe me, if it helps you protect your weight loss its worth it!

If I don’t have any specific plans that would require my syns during the day such as work buffet etc I save them for the evening . If I don’t need them I don’t use them but, it’s a safety net just in case !

Below I thought I would share with you some of the ways I will spend my syns.  I don’t have a specific treat on a specific day.  I just give in to my cravings when I have them.  That way I don’t feel deprived and am more likely to keep on track and not cheat.


For the days I crave sugar, Slimming World do a good variety of Hifi bars.  You can have 2 of them each day as part of your HEB, however as I usually have oats or bran flakes for breakfast I would have to syn them.

They have limited edition flavours from time to time. At the moment I have Rocky Road, Dark Choc Mint, Double Choc Crisp, Choc Orange, Fruit and Nut and Carrot Cake.  They are 3 syns each if not using as part of your HEB.  I always try and keep a variety of them in so there is always something  to match my cravings!

Alpen light are also good to have in.  Jaffa Cake and Chocolate Fudge are my 2 favourite flavours. Again you can have them as part of HEB or 3 syns each.

If you want actual chocolate I sometimes also keep a supply of chocolate in.  To help keep syns and temptation down I buy packs of snack size bars.  Sometimes just having a taste of something is enough. The bigger the bar the bigger the syns!

Some ideas are:

  • 14g Curly Wurly – 3 syns
  • 15.5g Milky Way – 3.5 syns
  • 18g Snickers – 4.5 syns
  • 20g Twix – 5 syns

I am also a fan of wine gums.  25g are 4.5 syns.  Maynards Bassetts Wine Gums are 1.5 syns for 2.  I don’t know about you but I find it so hard to stop once I start a packet, so what I do is split the bag into smaller bags.  That way once the bag I am eating is empty its empty.

If any of you grew up in the 70’s you may remember Black Jacks!  My mum gets them for me.  They are 1 syn each but I find 2 is just enough to keep a sugar craving away.

Another childhood favourite is foam bananas and shrimps!  I know they are not everyone’s cup of tea.  Some think they taste like cardboard but I do love them.  At 5 syns for 25 g its well worth it! If you buy the smaller ones you feel like you are having more!


Sometimes I really need crisps.    Its also good to know the syn value for when you have friends round and you want nibbles.  My go to ones are:-

  • Cheesy Wotsits 16.5g – 4.5 syns
  • French Fries all flavours 18g – 4 syns
  • Walkers Prawn Cocktail crisps 25g – 6.5 syns
  • Cheese Savouries 25g – 6.5 syns


I enjoy a glass of wine or two and I will use my syns at the weekend for this.   Since discovering Slimwine,  which was launched in December 2017, it has meant I can enjoy more of my favourite drink without impacting on the scales!

Slimwine - 3 bottles

At only 410 calories a bottle Pinch of Nom have estimated it to be around 21 syns the bottle.  That compares to around 27 syns for normal wine.   The wine is delicious too so that is an even greater bonus! If you want to know more about this wine check out my previous blog on the wine and the company who makes it! (Slimline Wine – What is the fuss really all about?).

If you are interested in trying the wine, check out their website  They are shortly going to be introducing a sparkling rose to their collection which I can’t wait to enjoy!

If wine isn’t your thing, I have also started to get into shorts!  Not the ones you wear but Vodka and Gin!  With slimline tonics or ginger ale these also make low syn options!  For 25ml both come in at 3 syns each.  As I’m new to them I’ve not tried many options.  I also wasn’t sure what to have with them so to be on the safe side I tried lime flavoured vodka and fruit flavoured gins.  All were very enjoyable and perfect when you want a longer drink.

Fancy a lager or cider? Lager is around 11.5 syns per pint or if you like a fruity cider such as Bulmers you could be talking up to 16 syns.  That does sound a lot but if that is all you are having that day its ok!  Just make sure you enjoy it!  I would only go for these on hot days when I wanted a longer drink, however now I have discovered Vodka and Gin I think I would prefer to use less syns on one of these and still get a long refreshing drink.  It also means I could have 5 of them for the same syn value as the 1 bottle of fruit cider!

Every Day Syns

You can also use your syns for every day meals.  Its not always easy to make a meal without adding an ingredient that isn’t free.  Eating out or a takeaway will also need your syns.  Having 15 syns a day though makes no meal impossible.

Some things you may want to use your syns on are:

Tomato or Brown Sauce – 1 syn per level tablespoon
Mayonnaise – 5 syns per level tablespoon this is reduced to 2 syns for low calorie
Butter – 2 syns per level tablespoon
Apple Sauce – 1 syn per level tablespoon
Horseradish – 1.5 syns per level tablespoon
Yorkshire Pudding (small) – 2.5 syns
Gravy Granules – 1 syn per level tablespoon

When eating out and having a takeaway these are my personal favourites:


I love an indian but they can be high on the syns.  You can easily make a no syn or low syn one at home but eating out can be a challenge.  When I go to a restaurant, I always ask for the curry to be dairy free.  That means that they won’t cook it in gee or cream which is where the calories get high.  I would normally have a chicken dansak.   Its 10.5 syns for the full dairy option.  I would only have half a portion so this would be less than 5 syns.  Boiled rice is free so its a low syn meal.

Other low syn options are Chicken tandoori at 9.5 syns, lamb rogan josh at 10 syns and a vindaloo at 12 syns.  If you have boiled rice with it you can keep well within your 15 syns, especially if you ask for dairy free versions!


You have to love a good chinese.  Unlike an indian you don’t really need to ask them to alter the recipe.  For me my go to dishes are chicken in black bean sauce for 7.5 syns or chicken in oyster sauce, which is even lower at 6.5 syns.  If you have it with boiled rice you can still have enough syns for a glass of wine!

Other low syn options are beef in black bean sauce for 8 syns, beef with mushrooms for 8.5 syns or chicken chop suey with noodles for 9.5 syns.  Remember to stick to boiled rice which is free.

Pubs and Restaurants

As with the indian I ask for dairy free options.   It helps you avoid creamy sauces or butter on vegetables.  I stay away overnight with my work so regularly eat in hotel restaurants or pubs.   I usually go for the steak.  Instead of chips I ask to swap for salad with no dressing.  Be careful that the mushrooms or tomatoes aren’t cooked in butter.  As long as you reinforce the dairy free request you should be ok.

Many chefs will also let you know if they can do alternatives to chicken and salmon dishes.  Most are grilled or steamed.  The calories are in the sauces.  They are the hidden calories.  Always ask for salad or a jacket potato, remembering no butter.  New potatoes and seasonal vegetables are a good alternative to chips too.  Again just double check no oil or butter is used. Remember – you are dairy free!  It works a treat!

What do I think…

Ultimately how you spend your syns is completely up to you.  The main thing is not to deprive yourself of the things you love, otherwise you won’t stay on plan!  Slimming World is about a lifestyle change not a diet, so you need to be able eat whatever you want when you want it.  Make sure though that you know the syn value of everything and measure it.  Those really naughty treats can still be enjoyed, you just might need to have smaller portions of them.

Try lower version alternatives of your favourite treats.  You might find you enjoy them more.  I’ve tried the Haribo Slimming World Sweets, really nice and  hardly any syns:-

Name: haribo_heart_throbs__06668_zoom.jpg Views: 38152 Size: 24.0 KB
2 sachets of  sugar free jelly
2 sachets of gelatine
1 muller light – choose a flavour to compliment your jelly
Silicone moulds (around 50) – You can buy these quite cheaply at Amazon
Add 1 jelly sachet and 1 gelatine sachet to 140ml of boiling water. Mix until its dissolved.
Fill up your moulds half way with the mixture.
Put your half filled moulds in the fridge to set for 10 to 15 minutes.
Make up the same mixture again, but this time add your muller light to the mix and stir. Pour this mixture on top of your set jelly and return to the fridge.
Once set your sweets are ready to be eaten.
Gelatine – Free
Hartleys Sugar Free Jelly Crystals – 1.5 syns each
Muller light – Free
Total: 3 syns for about 50 sweets compared to 0.5 syns per sweet for the actual Haribo sweets!
Google your favourite treats and you will be amazed how many recipes you will find that replicate them but with less syns!

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