My week of food optimising! Check out my food diary! Did I Lose or Gain?

So this week I had a gain!  I was very disappointed as I thought I had been ok this week.  Certainly better than last week where I had a 1 1/2 pound loss.  Rather than get down about it I have decided to go back to basics and write down everything I eat this week.  To give me more motivation I decided to share it with you too.

Fingers crossed this week will help put things right!

Wednesday 7 March

I’m back in from my group and determined to get back on the right side of the scales.


I had roasted a whole chicken the day before and had both breasts left.  I chopped this up together with half a large onion, red and green pepper and 4 mushrooms.  I fried the vegetable off in my frying pan without the need for oil!

I added some peri peri chicken seasoning into the pan and left it for the veg to soften.

While this was cooking I boiled some broccoli and made some sweet potato fries using frylight.

When everything was almost cooked I added the chopped chicken and continued cooking it until it was hot!

I took half the chicken mix out for myself then added some cream to the rest which I mixed through and heated.  This bit was for my husband who is following a no carb diet and is allowed full fat cream.

Dinner was delicious and for me absolutely free and full of speed and protein!

For a treat and as I hadn’t had any syns today I had a Slimming World Rocky Road Hifi bar.  Its made from honeycomb, raspberries, marshmallows and dipped and drizzled in milk chocolate.  It feels really naughty but only 3 syns.  I still have 12 syns left so if I feel peckish later I could always have another! Dinner was filling enough so I wasn’t tempted to have anything else.

Total syns for today – 3!


I wear a Fitbit so I can track my activity . I’ve had another cold this week so I’m not as active as usual. When I’m in the office I like to go to the gym in my lunch hour. It’s a bit of a rush but I get 30 minutes to do high intensity exercise. I do 15 minutes each on stepper and cross trainer today. I also walked the dogs before work . Total steps for the day 12,412!

In addition I also did 35 minutes on my ab machine while catching up on my soaps !

Planning Ahead

As I have said in my previous blogs its important to plan ahead.  As I’m on a real mission this week this is exactly what I have done! Breakfast and lunch for the next two days are prepared and in fridge.    I am in the office for the next two days so decided to go for my favourite breakfast and lunch recipes!


Its the good reliable overnight oats.  In 2 plastic pots I added the same ingredients – 40 g of oats (HEB), 3 tablespoons of quark – (I absolutely love quark) topped with a handful of frozen blackberries.  This will keep in the fridge for up to a week so preparing the next 2 days is perfect.


As we have a microwave at work I love my omelettes.  I make them into soup mugs.  Its quick and easy!  I chopped a pepper, 10 mushrooms and 10 cherry tomatoes and split them up over 2 soup mugs.  To that I added 2 slices of chopped ham and 30 g of full fat cheese (HEA) to each mug.  Mix in 3 eggs to each much and microwave for 4 minutes.

I leave this to cool and then split a tin of baked beans over the cooked omelette.  I will then reheat this tomorrow when I am ready to eat it.  Baked beans are one of my favourite foods and I could eat it with everything.  They are also good sources of fibre and protein.


If you follow me you will know I live by my slow cooker !

Tonight I layered 1 sliced aubergine, 1 very large courgette, 2 large carrots. 4 beetroots and a diced onion into the pot!

I added a beef stock cube and half a pint of water !

On top of that I added 500g of lean minced beef then poured over a tin of chopped tomatoes !

This is all set now to go on tomorrow morning ready for dinner tomorrow night !

Thursday 8 March

Well you already know what I’m having for breakfast today!  As I get up just after 5 am to walk the dog, I find I don’t fancy eating my breakfast until around 8 am when I’m already at work.  This type of breakfast is great as it travels well.  I can also eat it while I’m catching up on my emails.

I have a banana as a snack to help me through to lunch !


This did not disappoint ! It was just what I needed after my gym session. As if was all prepared the night before I just had to heat it up in the microwave.

I also had a miller light and an apple . Quick and easy but filling !


The slow cooker was turned on at 5.30 am this morning! It’s lovely to come home to the smell of dinner on a cold night.

The mince came off like a nice slice of beef. Vegetables were cooked to perfection which I served with broccoli. My hubby said it didn’t look pretty but tasted lovely ! All free!

There was also some of the juice and vegetables left so I split it into 2 plastic containers to freeze for another day!

I hadn’t had any syns again today so treated myself to a Double Choc Crisp Hifi bar for only 3 syns. They are really chocolatey with raisins, dark chocolate chunks and dipped in milk chocolate ! Heaven !

Total syns for today – 3


As usual I was up and out walking the dogs first thing !

I was just settling down into work today when the fire alarm went off ! There is nothing like a fire evacuation to increase your steps for the day! I work on 14th floor so not only did I walk down but rather than waiting for the lift when we returned to the building I took the stairs.

A lunchtime trip to the gym gave me further body magic with my 15 minutes on the stepper and cross trainer !

The dogs also get a second walk in the evening ! They love it and it helps keep my hubby and I active.

To end my day I completed another 30 minutes on my ab machine in front of the telly!

Total steps today – 16,527. Not bad!

Friday 9 March

It was such a nice feeling just opening the fridge this morning to take out the breakfast and lunch I’d made on Wednesday night for today ! It saves me time and keeps me focused ! I just popped the overnight oats and omelette into my cool bag along with a miller light and 2 bananas! Off to work we go!


I never tire of overnight oats! I was slightly later in today due to the late running of my train so when I got to work I had to get straight to it ! This type of breakfast can be dipped into a spoonful at a time ! Good job as it took me about an hour to eat it in between emails, queries from staff, phone calls etc !

It had been a busy morning and I was kept full right until lunchtime. To help boost my energy I did grab a quick banana just before I went to the gym!


I popped my omelette into the microwave whilst I was making a call! It was ready in minutes and so handy to be able to eat at my desk while I was catching up on more emails ! I had another banana and miller light to keep off any sweet cravings I might have. This set me up nicely for my busy afternoon!


Tonight I really fancy a Chinese! To help me save my syns I’m making my own, so I quickly took some chicken pieces out of the freezer when I came back from walking the dogs !

I really wanted to save my syns tonight for some wine so dinner needed to by syn free!

I fried off a chopped red pepper, onion and chicken breasts pieces in frylight. Adding a couple of teaspoons of Chinese Five Spice and a good glug of dark soy sauce! In the meantime I boiled some egg noodles in one pan and rice in another ! With the rice I also add a few handfuls of frozen mixed vegetables. These are great to have in the freezer for quick meals like this !

When the chicken mix was cooked I added the cooked noodles and mixed together .

I scrambled a couple of eggs and mixed into the rice mixture with a few splashes of soy sauce!

It was absolutely gorgeous !

As I said above it’s Friday so I wanted to use my syns for wine. I discovered recently a great low calorie wine called Slimline Wine. It comes in white, red and sparkling. At only 410 calories a bottle it’s around 21 syns a bottle. Tonight I’m treating myself to half a bottle at 10.5 syns. It’s an amazing way to spend your syns ! I also have enough left for another treat if I needed it !

Check out my previous blog ‘Slimeline Wine – what’s it all really about ?’ To find out more ! If you buy 6 bottles use code Slimchristmas to get free delivery !

Total syns today – 10.5 syns


It was the usual early morning start taking the dogs out today ! It’s hard when that alarm goes off some days but once you are out it’s quite invigorating’. The weather doesn’t look good for later so they may not get their second walk today ! Gym bag packed and ready to go though !

As usual I still made sure I had time for a quick 30 minute session in the gym. It’s hard sometimes to fit it in but I feel so much better for doing it .

As I thought, it was raining hard tonight . To make it worse there was a fire not far away and we were advised to keep windows and doors closed so decided it was best not to walk the dogs tonight . I did however still do my 30 minutes of sit ups !

Tomorrow is the weekend ! Like many others that’s where it’s easier to fall off the wagon ! Wish me luck !

Total steps for today 12,002

Saturday 10 March

Well I have been awake since 4 am.  Not because I wasn’t tired but dogs meant I was not able to enjoy my usual weekly lie in!  One of the down sides of not walking the dogs at night is that you never get a good nights sleep with them.  In particular Lola who had me up and down for hours wanting the loo but not actually going!

So for the first few hours of the morning, I have cleaned the bathroom, kitchen, put on 2 loads of washing and had a nice cup of tea.  All before 9 am when I eventually decided I should get up and actually walk the dogs.  I was gutted that I wasn’t wearing my fitbit for the first part of the day as I would have been interested to see how many steps I had done in that time!

When you join Slimming World they tell you not to get on the scales during the week.  Today was exactly why they say that!  I got on the scales just before my shower.  You all know from my blog how good I have been this week so far.  Its all been very  honest.  So you would expect the number on the scales to have come down wouldn’t you?  Well not today!  It had actually gone up!  Can you imagine how devastated I was?  What I could now do is decided enough is enough I’m giving up!  But I’m not!  I could decide to go out and eat loads of cakes and biscuits, but I’m not!   Instead I am more determined than ever!

Our weight can fluctuate daily and even hourly.  Mostly due to water retention.  I drank half a bottle of wine last night as you know.  After that I also had a litre of water.  During the night I drank another half pint of water.  Before I weighed myself I also had a pint of green tea.  Yes you heard me right, a pint!  I do love my green tea so by having a pint it saves me making 2 cups close together!  The mugs also seem to keep it hotter longer!

I put on 3.5lbs last week.  Why?  I couldn’t tell you!  So this week if I dare to cheat or go off track there is only 1 person I am letting down and that is me!  So more determined than ever I am going to keep going!


At the weekend I tend not to have breakfast but a Brunch! I don’t know why it is but I never feel as hungry when I’m off work.

Last night I started to prepare my brunch for today!  Instead of normal bread I like to may my own wholebran version of bread. Its very high in fibre and fills me up for longer.  You can buy wholebran from Holland & Barrett.  It is £1.29 for 750g and lasts a long time!  If you don’t have a shop near you, don’t worry.  You can order on-line from them.  If you also subscribe to it you get 5% discount and free delivery!

I take 60g of wholebran and add 2 heaped tablespoons of quark, 1 egg and enough water to mix it into a thick paste.  I then spray 2 mini loaf tins with frylight.  I use the butter version for this.  Fill the loaf tins and bake in oven at 180 degrees for about 20 minutes or until golden brown.  I leave to cool overnight but you can have them straight from the oven.

Today I am a little low of ingredients in the fridge as I am about to go to the supermarket.  I would normally order my food on-line but I want to get a few more steps in today.  I’m also going to cook a new recipe tonight so want to choose the ingredients myself.  Oh and don’t tell my husband but I want a new pair of ankle boots, so food shopping is a good excuse to go out!

So with not a lot of options in the fridge I opted for some cherry tomatoes which I dry fried in my amazing pan (see my previous blogs to learn more about these!), baked beans and 2 poached eggs.  It was delicious and I am now feeling very full.


As I said tonight I want to try some new recipes out!  If you follow @slimlinewine on Facebook, you will know that on Monday night they did their first live Vlog!  They had chef Andy Campbell cooking 3 indian meals – Tumeric Rice,  Punjabi Chana Dal and Southern Indian Vegetable Curry.  This was obviously paired up with the Slimline wines.

Tonight I am going to try the rice and dal dishes.  I will also add one of my own chicken curry dishes with it.  I will save the vegetable curry dish to a week night as I think it might work well in my slow cooker.   Of course it would be rude of me not to also pair mine with the rest of my Slimline white wine from last night!

Dinner was delicious and totally free!

Chicken Curry

500g Chicken Breast cut into large pieces
1 Tin Chopped Tomatoes
1 Large Onion Chopped
6 Mushrooms Cubes
4 Tablespoons of Durban Curry Powder (other curry powders should still work)
Garlic Frylight
1 Pint Chicken Stock
2 Handfuls of frozen peas


Spray pan with Frylight and add onions.  Cook until starting to soften.
Add Chicken, Stock, Tomatoes and Curry Powder.
Bring to boil then simmer with lid on for about an hour.
5 Mins before hour add mushrooms.
Remove lid and simmer until sauce thickens.
Add peas and simmer for a couple of minutes.

Punjabi Chana Dal 

1 cup chana dal
water to cover
¼ teaspoon turmeric powder
2 medium sized tomatoes chopped
2 medium sized onions diced
2cm ginger peeled and grated
4 cloves of garlic peeled and chopped
1 green chili
1 teaspoon cumin seeds
½ teaspoon red chili powder
1 teaspoon coriander powder
1 teaspoon garam masala powder
½ teaspoon dry mango powder
1 teaspoon kasoori methi
Coriander leaves roughly chopped (optional)


Soak the dal for an hour in water, rinse well under running water, drain
Cover with water.
On a high flame bring to the boil skin off impurities, cover with a lid, cook on a medium heat for 50/60 minutes
Meanwhile in another pan, (if you don’t have a non stick pan add a couple of tablespoons of oil or frylight) add the cumin first and fry for a few seconds until they splutter.
Cook the garlic until light brown add the onions and fry until golden.
Add the tomatoes, ginger and green chili cook for 7/9 minutes
Stir in the dry spice powders cook for 3/4 minutes
Add the methi and stir.
Pour the cooked chana dal along with its stock to the sauteed masala mixture season with salt
Stir and simmer the dal for 6-8 minutes
Garnish with chopped coriander leaves

Turmeric Rice

1/2 cup brown or white rice per person
Turmeric to taste
4cm Ginger peeled and grated
Coriander leaves roughly chopped (optional)


Soak the rice in water and drain
Cook the rice till al dente with turmeric and salt
Fork the rice stirring in ginger
Garnish with chopped coriander

These ingredients make enough for 4 so I now have 3 meals I can pop into the freezer for another day!

As expected I finished off the other half of the bottle of white wine while cooking dinner, saving a glass to enjoy with the meal!

As I only had 10.5 syns with the wine again today I did treat myself to a hifi bar.  Tonight I asked my husband to pick which one I was going to have.  Choc Macarron!  A delicious cereal bar with coconut and dark chocolate.  Finished the day off perfectly!

Total syns for today – 13.5


I always struggle to get maximum steps in at the weekend as I don’t go to the gym etc.

A little later than normal I did that Fido and Lola out for their morning walk.  Both were very lively and kept me on my toes!  That is what happens when you don’t take them out the night before!

So to make sure I got my steps in today, I did a bit of retail therapy!  I was looking for some ankle boots but after visiting a few shops I ended up buying a blouse, a summer top, 2 pairs of earings, a necklace and finally the boots!  When I got home I realised I must have put my blouse on back to front after trying some clothes on!  I went to quite a few shops after that so i’m very glad it was raining hard that I had to have my coat on!

After doing the food shopping, I decided to take Fido and Lola out for their second walk of the day.  This was followed by 35 minutes on my ab machine.

Total Steps today – 10,340

Tomorrow is Mother’s day and I am having my parents, sister-in-law and neices over for dinner.  Sadly my brother will be working away so can’t join us.  The challenge tomorrow will be to have a healthy dessert!  I have an idea what I’m going to make, I just need to find time to go back to the supermarket to get 1 more ingredient!

Sunday 11 March

So today was always going to be a challenge with the syns as I knew that having lunch earlier than usual would mean I would start on the wine earlier.  Plus there would be dessert!


To help keep me on track for breakfast I only had a muller light yoghurt and a banana.  I was due to eat at 1.00 pm so knew I would only need something light!


I had both my parents over as it was mother’s day, but as my brother was also away with work, I invited my sister-in-law and my two beautiful nieces who are 5 & 8.

I wanted my dinner to be healthy but my husband enjoys the full fat version.   Today’s menu was:

Main – Roast Pork (with crackling separate), roast chicken, boiled new potatoes (for mum), mashed potatoes (for dad), roast potatoes cooked in fat from pork crackling fat, and roast potatoes roasted in frylight.  With this I served carrots, cauliflower and broccoli.  Home made yorkshire puddings with gravy also.

For my dinner it was free with the exception of the yorkshire pudding which was 2.5 syns.  I have to say I do love my yorkshire pudding so if I have a roast I think its worth the syns as long as everything else is kept free!

Dessert – Well as usual my mum comes armed with desserts.  There is always a big family sized trifle which is my hubby’s favourite and an apple pie.  I served the apple pie with custard and icecream!  For me though I decided to try a  variation of a Slimming World dessert and I have to say it was absolutely amazing!   I would probably add a bit more hot water next time to make it softer but for 3 sys the whole pot it was amazing. It ended up being shared with 5 of us so even less syns for me!  What was it – Raspberry Mousse.

Raspberry Mousse

2 Sachets of Hartleys Sugar Free Jelly Crystals (Raspberry)
2 Pots of Muller Light Raspberry and Cranberry Yoghurt
400g Quark
200g Fresh Raspberries
120 ml of boiling water (I would probably increase this to 160 ml next time)


Mix jelly crystals with water.  Stir until dissolved.
When jelly mix cooled add yoghurt and quark
Mix in fresh raspberries
Pour into dish and leave in fridge to set

I will also admit that I did open another bottle of Slimline Wine White.    As I started early as expected, I will probably now finish the bottle myself today!  One of the good things about Slimming World is if you go over your syns one day, it doesn’t necessarily ruin the whole week.  I just now need to refocus the rest of the week.

By the way, if you are wondering why I’m using a champagne flute for my wine its to make sure I don’t drink too much!  My wine glasses could take half the bottle!  If I am not careful the bottle is gone before I know it!  By drinking it in a smaller glass, I seem to enjoy it more and it also feels like I am drinking more than I am!!

I’m so full right now from dinner so I doubt I will eat again today.


I was craving sugar while catching up with the Great British Bake Off. I’m over my syns so was trying to curb it. Then I realised I haven’t had my HEB today,  or HEA come to think of it . Woo hoo double choc and a rocky road hifi bars it is then !

I’m rubbish at having my HEA so decided to have 30g of mature cheese too.

Total Syns for today – 25.5! – oops!!!


Days like today are going to be tough to hit the 10,000 mark with steps.  I  have walked the dogs first thing as usual, but having the family to dinner means that I won’t have travelled far from home to build up my steps!

I have cleaned the house today and I am sure walking around the kitchen will have helped but its not going to be where I would like.  Some days you just have to accept it and not worry.  There is always to tomorrow.  You have to live you life and enjoy days like today.  They are what makes your memories.

I did of course do my usual 30 minutes of abs though!

Total Steps today – 4,901.  I knew it wasn’t going to be great! So far in the last 7 days I have done 65,141 steps which is half that of my own 70 year old mother!!

Monday 12 March


Today I have a meeting at one of my suppliers so I am at home later.  I actually wake up starving today craving Weetabix!  Unfortunately as I don’t usually have much diary there isn’t any skimmed milk in the fridge.  I contemplate poached eggs, baked oats etc but I know if I don’t have my Weetabix I will pick at things just to satisfy my cravings!

I decide its a Muller Light yoghurt that’s going to substitute the milk.  Toffee flavour with a chopped banana on top!  It actually worked better than milk as the Weetabix stayed firm.  It was delicious and will keep me going until lunch time.


So I got back from my meeting absolutely starving.  I part baked a jacket potato in the oven then cut it into quarters and finished it off in my actifry.  If you remember my dinner on Thursday I had some left over juice and vegetables which I froze!  I put one of them out to defrost this morning.  I quickly reheated it in the microwave to go over the potato.  To add some speed I also included lettuce and tomato.

This is lot more than I would usually have for lunch so should have kept me going but by 2 pm I was absolutely starving again.  I had too many syns yesterday so I didn’t want to start on my syns now!  Instead I thought I would have some Lentil Curry from Heinz.  This is totally free and delicious.  Hopefully this will keep me going until dinner.


I really fancied burger and chips tonight . I had had my HEB for breakfast though ! No worries though I went creative !

I stuffed 2 large mushrooms with a less than 5% fat beef mince . I had seasoned it with a steak and chops seasoning from South Africa! I baked in the oven for 20 minutes on 180 degrees! I had some new potatoes left over from lunch yesterday so I chopped them into quarters and put in actifry with a couple of sprays of garlic frylight for 15 minutes! I served it with leftover broccoli, carrots and cauliflower from yesterday also which I’d warmed in microwave ! Delicious !

I treated myself to a large wine at 10 syns and a rocky road hifi bar for 3 syns !

Total syns for the day – 13 syns


You guessed it!  Those little darlings got their walk even though the weather is wet and miserable today.  Hopefully it will be dry enough later to give them a second walk as I will certainly need the steps as I’m working at home later!

Phew the rain held off enough to get dogs walked! I also did my 30 minutes of abs while watching @slimlinewine on Facebook cooking up a low calories low carb meal!

Total steps for today – 9,912

Planning Ahead

Into the fridge has gone 3 overnight oats, chicken salad and a ham salad! 2 breakfasts and 2 lunches to help keep me on plan !

Tuesday 13 March

Wow what a day!  It’s days like today when I could easily come home a down a bottle of wine!  Obviously I won’t but it is tempting!

First of all my train was 26 minutes late.  Then when it did come, we got on only to discover it was only going as far as the next station!  We all had to then get off and find another train that was going to Birmingham New Street.  Thankfully it wasn’t a long wait but I was now late for work!  My usual train tends to get me in 15/20 minutes earlier than my start time.  I like to get in, get myself sorted, have a cup of green tea and eat my breakfast while checking my emails and calendar!  Today it was straight to it from the start.  I did still get my tea and breakfast though, but it was all a bit rushed!

When I checked my diary yesterday I had a couple of gaps.  This normally gives me a chance to deal with my emails and actually get some work done.  When I got in today, not only was I behind in time but my diary was now full!  I always make sure I have an hour put aside for the gym when I’m in the office, and thankfully that was the only time slot I still had to myself! I think it is important to have that time out during the day, especially on days like today.  Going to the gym helps me refocus my mind as well as the health benefits.  I’m sure I am more productive when I get back to the office!


I made my overnight oats last night so they were lovely and soft today.  I really do enjoy them but today even more so.  I picked up a bag of frozen mixed fruit from Lidl on Saturday.   This one had mixed berries, grapes etc in it.  Definitely recommend it.

Between meetings, I had a small banana and muller yoghurt.  My lunch time was going to be late today because of my meetings so I wanted to make sure I wasn’t too hungry.


When I go to the gym I always make sure I have 10 minutes spare in my lunch hour to eat my lunch.  Today was a chicken and egg salad.   Lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, chicken breast and 2 chopped boiled eggs.  I absolutely love boiled eggs, they are good sources of protein and they fill me up.  I finished this off with a little pot of red and white grapes for a sweet shot!


I wanted something a bit lighter tonight.  Last night I watched a live Facebook feed from @slimline wine.  Their chef Andy was doing a Pad Thai dish, and it reminded me I hadn’t used my spiralizer for a while, so tonight I decided to make spaghetti courgette and carrots.  I fried this off with garlic frylight.  In a separate  pan I boiled some broccoli.  You might notice I eat a lot of broccoli.  It is a good source of vitamin B1, magnesium, omega 3 fatty acids, protein, zinc, calcium, fibre and iron.  While this with was cooking I marinated some salmon fillets with Jerk seasoning.  I thought that as the rest of the dinner is mild this little kick would help to liven up the dish!   I put these into a hot frying pan with garlic frylight just as the veg was starting to cook.  I cooked it for about 5 minutes each side.  It was absolutely amazing!

As I hadn’t had my HEA today I decided to have a 20g block of mature cheddar while I was cooking dinner.  I always worry that I am not getting enough calcium.  I know I get it from my vegetables and yoghurts but trying to fit a HEA into my day makes me feel better!

I also hadn’t had any syns again today so I treated myself to a double choc hifi bar!  Its always nice to finish the day on something sweet!

Total Syns for today – 3 syns


Both dogs were a nightmare last night.  Kept me up most of the night wanting to play.  They were both eager to get on their walk this morning.  They are the best alarm clock!

Having to change trains added steps for me so I suppose that was a bonus!  I did my usual at the gym.  I know its predictable but it does mean I do maximum exercise in the short time I have.

The dogs got their evening walk too tonight which was followed by 35 minutes of Abs.

Total Steps today – 14,668

Wednesday 14 March

Happy weigh in day! Today will be the moment of truth!


As you know I made 3 batches of overnight oats on Sunday so it was great to just open the fridge and grab a pot. I never get bored with this breakfast.  Its tasty and really filling.


I had planned to be in the office today but something came up so I ended up working at home.  This said, knowing that I had lunch already prepared was great.    I had made a ham and egg salad, but I was actually quite hungry by the time I came to eat it.  I decided that I would use the final left over new potatoes from Sunday’s lunch to go with it.  I chopped them into quarters and popped them into my actifry with some garlic frylight.    It was delicious and just what I needed.   3 new potatoes quartered actually goes a long way!  I followed it with a banana and muller light.

Its weigh in day today and I know some people reduce the amount of food they eat, however I find i’m too hungry by the time i’ve got home after group.  This does look like a lot of food but I’m hoping it won’t effect the scales too much!

I did weigh myself this morning quickly just to see where I was.  I was disappointed that it looks like i’ve only lost 1.5lb this week.  Time will tell when I get on the scales tonight at group!


Apart from when I have had wine or my green tea, I haven’t said much about what else I drink throughout the day.  Well the truth is if it isn’t green or peppermint tea,  its diet coke and sugar free squash.  I have to say I do love my Hydratem8 bottles.  I have 2 in different sizes.  They are great for in my car, handbag or just for having around the house to make sure I drink plenty.

The Moment of Truth – was it a gain or a loss!

So the time has come to go to group and have my weigh in.  You have followed my journey through this diary with my food and exercise.   I was motivated to write this as last week I gained 3.5lb.  I still don’t understand why, as I don’t believe I did anything very different to any other week where I have seen a loss.  I decided to write everything down to help me keep motivated, but also help others who have experienced the same issues as me, or just want ideas of what to eat.

So I went to group.  I actually felt more nervous than I did on my first visit!  Talk about putting pressure on yourself.  I stepped onto the scales and saw 1.5lb off.  Now I know its a loss and I should be going woop woop.  To be honest I’m not!  Why?  Because I’m human!  I, like most of you will be frustrated that you can put so much weight on in one week, and not have a reason for it.  I didn’t go out and drink loads of alcohol, eat cakes, biscuits or crisps or have that really gorgeous box of chocolates.    A week on plan – yes I did use flexible syns on Sunday but the rest of the week was good, plenty of exercise and I could only manage 1.5lb!

I could come home now and just indulge in treats galore, but I’m not!  I am still determined to get back to target and feel good about myself again.

It doesn’t matter if you go off track, it’s about how you get yourself back that counts.  Don’t let a bad week ruin everything for you.   Allow yourself to be disappointed.  It proves that you really care.

Tonight is another week.  I’ve had one of the left over curry portions from the other night for my dinner.  All free and a hifi bar as a treat.   I’m currently on 10,575 steps and I didn’t even get to the gym today!

I hope you enjoyed following me this week.  Good luck with your own journey and don’t forget, nothing in life worth doing is easy!  Keep motivated and you will achieve your goals.


Here are my before and after pictures.


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