Woo Hoo it’s Friday

Does anyone else get that Friday feeling?  I love my job but I also love my weekends!  Not having to walk the dogs just after 5 am!  Don’t get me wrong, they will still expect it, but as long as I put them out into the garden to do their business, I can persuade them to go back to bed!

Friday is the one day I really don’t like working from home!  Well if I did how would I get that feeling when I walk into the lift at 4.30 pm if I was at home!

So back to the shopping I did last Sunday and how I continue to make good healthy meals on a budget.


Back to my favourite overnight oats!   Fat free yoghurt topped with 40g of oats and chopped apples.  I do love it.


As its the end of the week I hate waste!  I had plenty of salad items left even though my husband had it every day!   Today I had Romaine Hearts, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, spring onions, chopped beef slices, 2 boiled eggs and pickled onions and gherkins to nibble on.  I do love pickled vegetables.

Lunch Frid

During the day I also snacked on a banana and apple. Its always good to have fruit on hand to stop you reaching for the usual biscuit tin or sweet jar.  Even worse the ‘birthday’ goodies that get brought in!


Last night I told you my good old slow cooker was out.  I really don’t know what I would do without mine.

I added 500g of less than 5% beef mince, chopped pepper, diced carrot and onion with a carton of passata, beef stock cube, chilli and black beans.  I prefer black beans to kidney beans as they have a meatier flavour.  I first tried them in Antigua in 2001 in a rice dish, I’ve been hooked since!  They are a good source of protein and fibre too!

I turned it on at 5 am and walked into the house tonight to the amazing smell.  I added rice for a really warming meal.  It was so nice hubby went back for seconds!  I even have enough left for another meal.  I will freeze it for one night next week.

I really hope this week has helped you see that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to eat healthily.  None of my meals take long to prepare.  Obviously there is a lot more you can do with the ingredients I bought such as lasagne, currys etc.  I just wanted to show you time doesn’t need to be a barrier either.

If you have any other questions, then please email me at slimminginspirations4u@yahoo.com.  I will be happy to help you

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