Thursday’s Meals

Well we are now over half way through the week and I still have food in my fridge for meals.  I hope I am really showing you that you can make good healthy meals without spending a fortune.


Last night I prepared both my breakfast and lunch for today.  I find doing it then helps me be more organised and eat healthily.  As you know I have a very early start already with my 2 beautiful dogs.  If I then had to come back from walking them and preparing my breakfast and lunch as well as getting ready for work, I’m not sure I would be as careful about what went into my mini coolbag!

Today was one of my favourites and regulars!  Overnight oats!  Whilst I have it a lot, you can still add variety by swapping quark with different flavoured yoghurts, different types of fruit etc.

Today I had a vanilla cheesecake flavoured fat free yoghurt.  I topped it with 40g of oats from my HEB allowance.  Fruit today was blueberries and a chopped apple.  Leaving it overnight means the flavours and juices are absorbed into the oats.  I absolutely love it!


I’ve been having a lot of omelettes this week so far but today I decided to go for something a bit lighter so I made myself a lovely salad.  I chopped up some Romaine Hearts.  I would usually have iceberg which is a bit cheaper but it was sold out by the time I got to Lidl this week!  I added to this, chopped radishes, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and ham together with the rest of the pot of cottage cheese.

As it was cold today I also decided to have a Mug Shot.  They used to be free food on Slimming World but have now been changed to 1 syn.  As I very rarely use my syns, I don’t feel this is too much of an issue for me.  Todays’ flavour was Sweet and Sour.  If you buy the Mug Shots, look for the 1% or less fat ones to try and get the lowest syns.  As a snack I had a banana.

Lunch Thurs


Do you remember the left over Diet Coke Sauce from Tuesday?  I always make too much for later in the week as its a really good way to save time.  It can also be frozen if you know you won’t use it within a couple of days.

Tonight I chopped up a variety of vegetables again to dry roast in my fabulous roasting pan.  To add a different texture to previous nights I make the chunks quite large.  Tonight we had carrots, radishes, peppers, leeks, red onion and sweet potato.  I keep the skin on for extra fibre!

You might be surprised to see that I have roasted radishes the last couple of days.  I know that most people only use them raw in salads, which I did today also, but they are much more versatile!  Radishes are a good sources of fibre, calcium, vitamin C and B.

When they had softened I added half a bag of fresh spinach.

To a frying pan I added 2 cod fillets.  My pans are non stick so I didn’t need any oil.  When they started to cook through I added the Diet Coke Sauce.  I flaked the cod through it and left it until the sauce was bubbling.

cod dinnerI think the sauce tastes better a couple of days later.

Whilst I was waiting for this to cook I also prepared tomorrows breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.  Tune in tomorrow to see what I cooked!

It was extremely filling so I’m happy to be relaxing on the sofa watching Blue Planet II.


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