Tuesday Meals courtesy of my Lidl shop – SW on a budget

I hope you are enjoying seeing what I am serving up based on my Lidl shop on Sunday.

I really want to be able to show you that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to eat well.

On Sunday I made my breakfast of overnight oats and my cupomelette for Monday and today.  For recipes see my post on ‘What I did with my Lidl Shop’ – https://slimminginspirations4udotcom.wordpress.com/2018/01/15/so-what-did-i-do-with-my-lidl-shop/

Both were really filling so I didn’t feel the need to snack, although temptation was put in my way today!  One of my team had just returned from a holiday around the Caribbean.  He brought in a large box of Maynards Wine Gums.  If it was chocolate I would easily have ignored it, but Wine Gums!  Seriously they are delicious and one of my biggest weaknesses.   I had a yoghurt and banana in my bag so to try to overcome the urge I had them mid afternoon.

I will admit I was still tempted so by 3.30 pm I decided to give in.  2 wine gums are only 1 1/2 syns.  I hadn’t had any syns all day out of my 5-15 syn allowance a day, so I could treat myself to them.  Thankfully I stopped at just the 2, but then I do leave the office at 4.30 pm so if I had been there longer who knows!

Tonight’s Dinner

Last night I showed you the sauce I had put together in my slow cooker ready for today.  (https://slimminginspirations4udotcom.wordpress.com/2018/01/15/mondays-meals-courtesy-of-lidl-sw-on-a-budget-continued/).   I turned it on at 5.30 am just before I left to take my dogs for their walk.   I still love coming home from a long day at work, from the cold to the smell of dinner cooking in the slow cooker.

The sauce was my take on ‘Diet Coke Chicken’ except there was no chicken just the sauce.  By not putting in any type of meat, it allows me to use it as a sauce for other dishes.

Tonight I used the left over breast from last nights chicken, with the skin removed.  I placed it in a pan to heat through with the lid on, turning it half way through.  I didn’t use any oil as my pans don’t need it.  When it had been on for approximately 10 minutes I added half of the sauce mixture which was still hot from the slow cooker and left it to simmer for  a few minutes.

In the meantime I cooked some broccoli.  You will find that I use a lot of broccoli.  Its full of fibre, vitamin C and folic acid, and I love it!  I like it so its just cooked, with a little crunch.

As the sauce was full of vegetables I didn’t need anything else with it.  A really tasty meal again and I still have lots of extra sauce which when cooled I will put it in a container in the fridge for later in the week.

Dinner - Tuesday - Copy

I’m working at home tomorrow so I don’t need to prepare anything for me to eat in advance.

I’m aware that the last 2 days I have had very little in the way of syns so I may treat myself to a 3 syn Alpen Light Jaffa Bar later!

Tune in tomorrow to see what I serve up.


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