How to cope with your changing dress size without breaking the bank

So you have started your weight loss journey and the inches are coming down.
You put on that favourite outfit and woo hoo its too big. How good does that feel? Amazing, I know! Whilst this is fantastic there is also this little thought in your head! You can’t keep wearing your old clothes without looking like a clown, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money on new clothes as you still have more weight to lose.
I had a wardrobe full of Levi jeans, Monsoon, Wallis and Next dresses and blouses and skirts. When I started my journey the plan was to be able to get into these comfortably! What actually happened was that I lost more weight than I expected and now they were too big!
I work in an office and meeting external customers frequently, so had to dress smart. I wanted to still look good at work and in my casuals, but didn’t want to spend a fortune as I wasn’t sure what my final size was going to be.
I was sat at home one morning watching This Morning. Trinny Woodall was doing her usual slot on what to wear. Today she had mens outfits. One of the models was wearing a lovely brown trench coat. I was so shocked when she said it was from a web site callled So was Phillip Schofield. He even tried it on he was so impressed with it.
I’d seen the odd advert for this company but at £5 an item I thought it must just be tat! This now put it into a different light so decided to explore it more. That was on 20 January 2017 and I have never looked back.
So who are they?
They are a web based company that sell good quality clothing for men, women and kids as well as accessories, footwear and home ware. The vast majority of its stock is as you would guess £5. Sometimes they have sales and you can get an even better bargain for £2.50! Recently they have introduced a designer range.
Sizes vary and go up to plus size too.
The clothes are of good quality and most of the ones I have bought have been ex high street labels. They cut out the name of the store but if you know your labels you will easily recognise the store they originally came from.
I don’t mind the labels being cut out as I do it with some of the clothes I buy from other chain stores and they itch me.
You pay a delivery charge depending on how much you order but when you calculate the cost per outfit its still amazing value.
When I decided to write this blog I looked back at my order history with them. I couldn’t quite believe how much I had bought.
In the early days it was to buy clothes so I could wear them to keep me going as my weight came off, but I have to say that since losing weight and being happy with the size I am, I am still using them.
What it has meant is that I could still look good as my size changed without breaking the bank.
These two items were on my first order and have since made their way to the charity bag as they no longer fit me. I only got a little wear out of them, but knowing they only cost me £10 for the 2 meant that I didn’t worry about letting them go.
Below is an array of other outfits I bought from the site over last year:-
Sadly a couple more of them have now been placed in the charity bag such as the Caramel Gilet.
Its one thing seeing pictures online but another seeing what they look like in reality so here is a selection of the outfits on me too for you to see:
I have saved the best bargain of all to last. My favourite outfit from this site has to be a dress I bought for a wedding last September. I would normally spend about £100 on a dress for such an occasion. I was looking though their website and came across this dress:-
I really liked the look of it and thought it would look good for the wedding, so ordered it. Oh my, I absolutely loved it when I tried it on. I wore it for the day of the wedding and got so many remarks. I never told anyone until the end of the night when I told a friend who was with me. She could not believe that it only cost me £5. I felt a million dollars in it.
It just goes to show that you don’t need to spend a fortune to look good.
I still go to the high street for clothes, but this site is still top on my list of go to places.
What about their sizing?
I have to say apart from a couple of items, everything has fit me perfectly. The customer service is excellent. The items that haven’t fitted, I have sent back and they have either exchanged them for another size or given me an immediate refund.
What about quality?
As you can see I have bought many items. I have even bought some for my husband too. I have only ever had 1 item that had a faulty button. I sent it back but sadly they couldn’t replace it so gave me a refund.
Are there any negatives to the site?
As with everything there is! It’s that they can’t guarantee to have your size! Because of they way they purchase the items from their suppliers they can’t guarantee to get the items in every size.
Their website is good though as you can filter by size, colour etc so you don’t have to be disappointed that your favourite item isn’t in stock.
How do you get to know what’s in stock?
They email you frequently of their new arrivals. I love seeing the latest stock. Get in quick though so you are not disappointed.
Final thing to say!
Give it a go, you won’t regret it!
Happy shopping and good luck with your weight loss journey!

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